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14 June 2006
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A little unshameful advertising, since I'm the organizer and author both of the exhibition and of the event in which the preview is hosted...
If you happen to be in Milan, Italy, on June 16th and have an hour or two to spare, consider to go to Palazzo Isimbardi, historical seat of the Province of Milan near Duomo, to see the preview of the exhibition "Post fata resurgo, iterum", "after adversities, I resurrect, once more" on projects and built airplanes from SIAI Marchetti of the 1945-1950 time. The preview will sport detailed drawings, not previously seen, of some rather known projects (like SM-05 and SM-110) and of rather unknown (SM-155 and SM-166) and totally unknown (Sm-106 and 109) ones. More info and registration (necessary to visit, free entrance) here The preview is hosted in the expo area of "Terra, Acqua, Aria & Design" , an event organized by my own company on transportation design culture, tools (Autodesk is one of the sponsors) and education. The event will contain a panel with, among others, Carlo Ferrarin, former designer for Caproni-Vizzola, SIAI Marchetti and Agusta, and a speech by myself on the evolution of the jet airliner form and technology. But on this another time. Sorry, site only in Italian, but "agenda" is universal...
Good luck Sky...

Will there be a brochure or paper with your explanation ?
A little catalogue, in PDF format, printed for the preview and the exhibition.
A reduced size version of the advert of the preview :p


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Looks wonderful!!, I wish you a great success :)

Lots of success Sky... !

Is this a Chimera layout on the left side of the advert?


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AhAh, Boxkite Hawkeye :D I put it there just to see if someone would notice... :p
Yes, it's SM-110, but not the one all know; an alternate version with different inner engines disposition, on pylons above and forward of the engine. That particular design was a study to see the optimum placement of the wing considering the different CG position.
Boxkite Hawkeye to Skybolt, let's see more of this alternate version. How about a complete three-view drawing (or an artist's impression)?
Ok ok, no artist, only some drawings... just a minute, I have to reduce them, they are scanned 1 : 1 (almost two meter long...)
Behold. This drawing shall be in the preview. The preview itself will contain circa 40 per cent of the final exhibition, but all the most important stuff will be there. The remainder is largely context info (for example, competitive designs to the same specs from other companies, foreign similar designs and "inspirations").


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A remarkable concept,to say the least.
Much thanks ...
Yep, but far too much for SIAI to build. Alessandro Marchetti ordered some static test equipment to be designed and built (it would have been by far the largest working revetment structure ever built by SIAI). In effect, a year later the company went under something similar to Chapter 11 (actually more like Chapter 4 but reversible).
Dear Skybolt, your SM-110 preview has something "Caravelle" about it; especially the front elevation......

All best, Terry (Caravellarella).
Ladies and gentlemen, you'll be happy to know that the exhibition preview went well, and that it has been noticed by the Chamber of Commerce of Milan that is seriously considering to ask me to redo it in September in the Octagon of the Milan Gallery (next to Duomo), something like the Rockfeller Center in NY or the Crystal Palace in London, so to speak. Cheers!
Well done Sky...
Congratulations !
Dear Skybolt, translating your pdf wonderful text, I found this:
"Marchetti had planned others two idro with the same formula bihull, the S-66 and the S-77, but without to catch up the pomps of the prototype. The configuration to double hull it involves however some advantages, in primis a great inner volume with dimensions it generates them more contained respect to a monohull. It is little famous that the preliminary plan of the famous H-1 Hercules di Howard Hughes, alias Spruce Goose, was to double hull. Marchetti returns to the idro in 1944 and plans the SM-155, a great conceived airplane fleeting for the transoceaniche lines of the post-war period. The plan comes resumed in 1948 with acronym SM-166 and declined in numerous varying, to four, three and at last also two motors (but monohull)."

so... a twin-hull SM-155 project designed in 1944?? Great! Has someone a picture of it?
Not in the book, but in the second edition of the exhibition I'm preparing for mid-December in Milan. The SM-155 was intended for transatlantic service, much like the Caproni Ca.8000. The post-war SM-166 was slighlty scaled-down and had American or British engines. The SM-155's ones were powered-up versions of the Alfa 135.
Just a teaser.... ;)


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Thanks Hesham ! This was a color impression SIAI-Marchetti distributed to a score of aeronautical magazines, but wasn't meant for precision.
caro Skybolt,

hai qualche notizia sull'esibizione che (ho capito..) dovrebbe tenersi a Milano nel Dicembre 2008?
Fallo sapere agli appassionati di aviazione italiani tramite il sito (dovresti sapere chi siamo...).

For not-italian forum members: I am asking info on the forthcoming exhibition in Milan...I just missed the June exhibition and I would not like to miss the second....

Giorgio from Torino (Italy)
Giorgio, exhibition slipped to mid-end January due to site availability. I'll keep informed everyone as soon as things evolve...
A little work of mine -S.M.106.


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hesham said:
Very nice artist drawing Zeroc.

Thanks to Inkscape software, who made it possible with little efforts and some studies (I'm definitely not an artist) :D

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