Savoia-Marchetti SM.105 Canguro


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18 February 2006
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Skybolt said:
Just back from Siai MArchetti in Sesto Calende...
I found the original drawings of the SM 105 (Canguro...), and more... You'll have to wait until Wedsnday September 20 when I'l return there and srrat seriously scanning and copying.
Are there news? I'd like to discover that twin-boom SM.105 original project, like a C-82 of 1947 said both
If we could see it, this would be great...
My dear Tophe,

from my dear Jemiba;,3852.0/highlight,sm+105.html


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I don't know the timing of the SM-105, but just to make certain the US timing is correct, Fairchild C-82 was not a 1947 post WWII design. IIRC, contract was awrded in 1942, prototype flew in 1944 and production was underway in 1945. The C-119, I believe was the definitive deverlopment of the C-82B which was probably a 1947 design.

Best regards,

Artie Bob
The SM-105 is a 1947 project. His inspiration comes from two sources: an (wrong) artist impression of the future XC-120 appeared in August 1947 and the Miles aircraft actually presented at Farnbourough that same year. Actually the SM-105 was born in early 1947 as a conventional twin-boom transport, larger than the SM-104. Marchetti changed it on the fly.
mmm, think I'll have to rewrite the Wikipedia entries for a lot of things... Have already corrected the "manufactured" fantasy for the Sm-105...

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