U.S. NAVY Blimp test program july 1947 near Roswell

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13 August 2007
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i write an article on Roswell UFO Incident
based on "Roswell crap show" topic in this forum
during research i found this article here

quote from the article:
In the summer of 1947, the Navy was testing newly configured dirigibles,
using the Army Air Force Holloman Base in New Mexico,
then known as the Alamogordo Air Field:

Built by Goodyear Aircraft Corporation.
M-1 to M-4
M-1 Length 310 ft. Helium capacity 625,000 cu ft.
Powered by two 550 hp Pratt & Whitney Wasp engines. Cruising speed 60 mph.
M-2 - M-4 Length 310 ft. Helium capacity 647,000 cu.ft.
Powered by two 600 hp Pratt & Whitney engines.
Lift of 10,000 lbs.

Dirigibles were flown from Alamogordo to various air bases in New Mexico and Texas.

In July 1947 a flight from Alamogordo to the Roswell Auxiliary Army Air Field No. 2 was struck by lightning and crashed in an area East of Arabella.

got someone more information on this Navy Program and Picture of the M-class Blimp ?
M class airship of which 4 were built for the US Navy with serials 48239/48242. They were also identified as M-1/4. The first flight was in October 1943 and they were later redesignated as ZPN and again in 1954 as ZPG-1 as an aircraft. 48239/48242. It has, however, also been suggested that these serials were assigned to four Lakehurst Type ZF balloons. I do not recall the source of the pic.


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Thanks for Info Jos Heyman

i try to find info the crash blimp with serialnumber and ZPN designation

apropos crash
after UFO Literature allot of things crash in July 1947 near Roswell
also a B-29 Bomber of the USAF 509th Bomb Wing.
Wat is contradictory because is the USAAF 509th Bombardment Group (Very Heavy)
Wat became only in September 14, 1948, operational as the USAF 509th Bomb Wing...

by the way the 509th Bombardment Group really lost a B-29 in July of 1947 ???
Sort of about the same time and on roughly the same topic
rather atmospheric picture



fredgell said:
rather atmospheric picture

ohh yes for UFO fanatics who find out Roswell crash a Blimp !? ;D

that picture is from a Atomic bomb test in Nevada

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