Tupolev Tu-96 (Aircraft 96) Do Photos or Drawings Exist?


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9 May 2013
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I am interested in the 'big wing' Tu-95 Bear, the high-altitude Tu-96, of which only one (1) was built. A photo of a display model Tu-96 appeared in "Soviet Secret Projects" (enclosed) but I've never seen photos of the actual aircraft.

Does anyone have them, or know a source? What about drawings and the operational history of this aircraft?



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Hi CxxTxx,

I have only a profile to some Tu-95 variants,which one had a big wing ?.


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The second one is the '96.'

The Tu-96 had a much larger wing area, a new wing center section, a redesigned fuselage, and a new nose and crew cabin. It was essentially a completely different aircraft. Designed for sustained high altitude operation, between 53,000 - 56,000 feet with a range of 10,441 nm, it was going to be powered by four TV-16's. Unfortunately, the TV-16 design never left the test bench, and the only Tu-96 (completed in 1955) was powered by TV-12's. (Yet another design betrayed by failed engine testing and development. {It's almost a cliché, isn't it?})

With the TV-12's, the Tu-96's max service ceiling was 40,530 feet with a range of 9,323 nm.

Love the Tu-95!!



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I read last night in Warbird Tech Vol. 43 (Tu-95) that the "big wing" on the Tu-96 was developed for, and taken directly from, the Tu-114 production line.
I read last night in Warbird Tech Vol. 43 (Tu-95) that the "big wing" on the Tu-96 was developed for, and taken directly from, the Tu-114 production line.
I'm doubting that Warbird Tech issue for a couple of reasons. Number one, the Tu-96 was conceived well before the Tu-114, and secondly, the wing on the actual model shown in the post looks nothing like the Tu-114 wing (no kink and greater area), the only significant difference between the Tu-95 and Tu-114 wings is the larger flaps on the 114, which transition back to the normal 95 wing area outboard of the flaps. Also, the 114's wing area is not significantly greater than the 95's. The Tu-96 would require a significant increase in wing area to cruise at the planned altitudes. That being said, the Tu-96 prototype clearly has the Tu-114 style wing mods (and TV-12 engines). The TV-16's would likely need to be rated at 18,000 shp minimum, not just for the altitude but the (proposed) improved speed over the Tu-95. That power level would not be difficult to achieve, however. The 15,000 shp T-57 turboprop was planned to be upgraded to 20,000 shp. However, to transmit that increased power the propeller blades would have to be of greater area or number, likely 12-blade (6x6). All-in-all it would have made a formidable bomber. ~600 mph at 53-56k altitude with excellent range and acceleration.

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