Tupolev TU-144D record breaking Aircraft 101


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27 May 2007
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I was recently reading "Modern fighting Aircraft", by Bill Gunston and on page 198 it describes an Tupolev Aircraft that captured 14 FAI-Ratified world records. I have searched this Board and used Google to no avail. The engines are described as "four type 75 engines of 20000kg thrust each". The same thrust rating as used in the ill fated Tu-144 SST. But I am sure this aircraft is NOT the 144.

I am sure this question has probably been asked in the past but I am kind of stumped and am not sure if this is a REAL aircraft or soviet era bull****.
Google is your friend :)

In the 80-s some of built TU-144 aircraft were used as flying laboratories for various test programs to build advanced supersonic heavy aircraft including the programs of further SST development. In July, 1983 on one of TU-144Ds the flight crew headed by test pilot S.Agapov (co-pilot B.Veremey) established 13 world records of flight speed flight altitude with different cargo ( the machine was designated as “101”).

Thank you!! I guess it was a TU-144. :-[God, my google skills are weak as hell....
I'm in IT Support, googling to find resolutions to wierd problems is what I do all day ;D

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