Tupolev Tu-155

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Tu-155 internal layout


Thanks, been looking for this for a while. Very surprising, actually.
Some of original Tupolev OKB drawings and diagrams. Interesting thing to note is armor plate behind crew and experimentators' compartment. *Divans* would not survive the blast.


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Hi! Tu-155 model.


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Came across this old JPRS excerpt from an 1988 PRAVDA article on the first flight of the Tu-155:
Test of TU-155 Airplane with Cryogenic Fuel

18610189a Moscow PRAVDA in Russian No 108,
Apr 88p 3

[Excerpt] The world's first airplane capable of using
cryogenic fuels took off on April 15. Thus began flight
tests of an experimental aircraft, the TU-155, which uses
liquid hydrogen and liquefied natural gas as fuels.

This airplane was developed by personnel of the Design
and Experimental Bureau imeni Tupolev in collaboration
with the Scientific Research Institute of the Aviation
industry. Installed in the airplane is an NK-88
engine designed by the bureau which academician N.D.
Kuznetsov heads. A large number of enterprises and
scientific research institutes took part actively and creatively
in the development of systems of the airplane.

Its crew, which is headed by V. A. Sevankayev, a
meritorious test-pilot of the USSR, has opened a new
page in the history of Soviet and world airplane building.

In our country, work on the development of airplanes
using cryogenic fuels began with the development of an
experimental aircraft.

The TU-154, which has already been introduced, was
chosen as the base model. A special section in the rear of
the passenger compartment of such an airplane was
equipped for the installation of a liquid-hydrogen tank.

Scientific research work was done, and more than 30
onboard systems which ensure operation of the airplane's
cryogenic propulsion plant, fire safety and explosion
proofing, were designed and produced.

A unique ground complex was developed for the support
of fueling and maintenance of the airplane.

Does anyone have any test flight descriptions or reports for the TU155. I would be very grateful if you could post any links.

The link in your last post seems to be broken. I really appreciate if you could post an update.
Looks like it may have been a victim of one of the ongoing purges, sorry, 'upgrades' of DTIC. I'll see if I can find an alternate link somewhere. I don't think though that there is anything else in that old JPRS report that mentions that Soviet development apart from what I already posted.
Found an interesting report from Soviet scientists at an international conference in 1990


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slightly OT, from NTRS,

a preliminary report on hydrogen and methane fuelled airliners, the main conclusion seems to be that methane holds no advantage over hydrogen, or indeed, conventional jet fuel.

Just if anyone is interested. Here is an up to date link to the above mentioned report:

Its title is: "A study of subsonic transport aircraft configurations using hydrogen (H2) and methane (CH4) as fuel",
Document ID: 19740024319
Snow, D. B. et al., 1974

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