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The MTOW for this version will probably be more than the M-55 order to try and close the capability gap with the U-2R by carrying a higher payload ... I am saying this as a result of something I had read on the internet about a M-55-1 and M-60 ( modified airframe .. greater performance)... will try to locate the source
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Let me do small correction
M-17 single-boom is not variant of M-17, it is first variant of M-63.
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Pix of M-63


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Myasishchev M-63 countless raw scetches variants


  • M-63 variant-21.jpg
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Variant 21 looks very nice - good basis for a full-color CGI made by Jozef ... ;)

Btw, the Myasishchev Tandem pictures does't work at, Konstantin. Could you check them?
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;D Dear Boxkite directed me to a wonderful source for twin-fuselage transport jet plane versions, in the Myassishchev M-63 Katamaran project. In the book Illyustrirovannaya entsiklopediya samolyotov (OKB) V. M. Myasishcheva by Bruk/Udalov/Smirnov/Arkhipov/Pogodin/Puntus (ISBN 5863090448), Moscow 2005
As this is a recent sold book, I will not post its content, just a detail that puzzles me: on this canard plane, is the foreplane asymmetrical? I show the front part (in front of a linking wing and double tail). What is your interpretation? 1, 2 or 3? Thanks helping me update my Asymmetric Web page, if appropriate.


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Dear Tophe!
In atch. see the answer on your question.
There were several katamaran variants during the study of M-63 project. As to be exact -about three dozens. I attached one of them.
Assimetric was only one - with huge bulbe for large diameter antenna.
Any questions - welcome.


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Thanks ucon for this additional view. But this is not the version I am speaking of. Mine has a swept external starboard foreplane (A), or is it a vertical fin? And none on the other side ( B ). The engines are also central on pods and not on each fuselage.
So... the family M-63 seems very rich indeed, but has the model I showed a surface asymmetry, according to you?


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And one more aspecialy for Boxkite)) with kindly permission of Mr. V. Pogodin, leader designer of M-63 project.
Hi, Thomas


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Dear Tophe
Please give a bit more time to revise my archieve and give the proper answer. Maybe tomorrow.
I'll find and scan M-63 drawings. But let me tell you - in nearest future all M-63 versions will be in
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This M-63V above is just incredible: it is a "temporary" twin-boomer... With the cargo load, it is a triplex-boomer, and without the cargo load, it is a twin-boomer! Wonderful!
Thanks Myassishchev, thanks ucon!
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Hi to all
And right drawings of M-63-2 variant have been asked by Tophe.


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Very nice drawing, thanks a lot! But... what is in A on the drawing I posted above, this should simply not be there, nor fin, nor external foreplane... Puzzling indeed. Artistic freedom?
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Dear Tophe!
Let me tell you that there were several twin-boomer in MDB not connected with M-63 subject.
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One of the variants of M-63


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A company model of the M-63 shown above by igor-mich:


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