Tupolev Tu-132 and Myasishchev M-62


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28 January 2008
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Hi everybody

Maybe someone knows pictures or drawings of the Tu-132 and M-62 nuclear powered bombers?
Someone can help ? Please.

Thanks a lot in advance
Well, description of '132' from Colon's article doesn't fit description from official Tupolev's historian Vladimir Rigmant.
While '120' is described quite similar.


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Dear Matej!
Would you be so kind as to tell what source did you use making your drawing of M-60M?
First it was published in "Illustrated Encyclopedia of MDB aircraft" by Avico Press and nowhere before.
Please be polite.
Best regards
I think that it should be the same style drawing, but I must check that first to be sure. Now I don't have my primary PC (my motherboard burned out) so I must run on the backup without the possibility to connect SATAII HDDs with the archive, so give me a few hours. I will find the answer. It was the drawing that I made as an illustration of the article about the nuclear bombers, together with the Convair NX-2 and some WS-125 studies.
I'd be very obliged to forum members (including myself) try to carefully track origins of images they are posting. Surplus care should be taken if we are posting something that could be result of research of other forum members. We could make some mistrakes previously, but let's look for this now. It's better credit anyone once again than to not do it at all. Big thanks!
Found it. Both planes I draw with the materials from here: http://sergib.agava.ru/type/bombers_e.htm I saved the html translations from this site so now I am sure.
Hi! Large image of "132".



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