Tu-22M4 Backfire-D?

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22 April 2012
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By my own admission I know next to nothing about this and it is not for want of effort. All I have come across so far is that is was an improved version of the Tu-22M3 (fairly obvious really) and that is flew in 1990 but never entered production. My own speculation is that it included airframe/aerodynamic improvements as well as avionics ones. My suspicion is that the Tu-22M5 upgrade uses the M4 avionics in the M3 airframe but I am probably wrong? ???

Any information would be greatly appreciated and as always thank you in advance sealordlawrence.
Ugh...words that Russian AF plans to withdraw Tu-95MS and Tu-160 from the service till the end of 2005 makes me feel that news are pretty old.
The book Soviet Secret Projects: Bombers Since 1945 says that the Tu-22M4 prototype may have received the project designation '245'. The Tu-22M3M/M5 clearly uses the NK-32 engines that power the Tu-160 supersonic bomber and has modernized avionics and a digital glass cockpit; it flew recently in December 2018 (https://tass.com/defense/1038351).
View: https://twitter.com/DnKornev/status/1335524862161465348

Also, for those of you who think the passenger Tu-95 and MiG-31 ideas were funny enough, behold: the 344 design

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