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14 January 2007
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... his name is Matteo, born on 27.10.2007 11.49am. ;) :'(
3700g and 50cm long.

Servus Maveric ;D ;D ;D

The next days, weeks or months I have not the time as before. ;)


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Oh, this is a boy who will know everything about all current black programs))) My sincere congratulations))

Enjoy the time with him while he is little. When he gets to be a teenager... the "fun" begins.
¡¡¡¡Muchas felicidades!!!

I miss the times before October 2006 when I used to enjoy hours and hours surfing the net. I have serious problems to keep on the top ten at "Most time online" list in this forum. However nothing is better than a baby (well except when you can't sleep at night ;))

Félicitations au Papa ,et à la Maman
Ce nouveau membre est adorable
Herzliche Glückwünsche !

The very best to all of the Family..
Hey Germany too Herzliche Glückwünsche ... and all the very best to the Family !

Our little Manuel is right today 14 months old ... the goes by so fast !

Cheers, Andreas
...such is life!!!!!!!

Servus Maveric :) :D ;D
Thanks Maveric ;D

I couldn't fight with my 13 month old Princess...all family kisses are hers :-*

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