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11 March 2006
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Interesting front engined MBT proposal for the Swiss Army, the NKPz ended up to expensive and the auto loader was apparently problematic.


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Is this what was sometimes called the Lamgorghini tank? I have a line drawing (which I will post if someone tells me how) and a description referring to 'a streamlined egg shaped turret rather like the Russian T-54.'
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Thanks. I will try.

A. the description was found in Angelucci's book 'Modern Armour' I think it was also in Jane's for the late 1980's but I don't have those. It's hard to see how it could be written unless someone had seen drawings.
B. the picture came from a Japanese website. The machine translation on it referred to 40 tons, front engine, acute angle armour and 105mm rifle or 120mm smooth bore. I have a downloaded page but the pictures there won't show - except by opening the files to get at the gif, which is what I hope follows. I do not have a url for it.

PS forgive the typo for Lamborghini


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I have a copy of the description in Jane's 1979/80. It's more like the Japanese website line drawing (which may of course have been drawn from it. The picture posted by Jazz has a much squarer turret and is a different (later developed?) version. 120mm gun?
The Leopard 2 won out in the end.
Has anyone any information, pictures, of any of the early concept studies referred to in Jane's?


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I suspect that the round turreted drawing was only conceptual rather than being the basis of any real design. Spaced arounr or even cobham armour. The NKPz (square turret) has the following specifications

Overall length 8.508m
Hull length 7.725m
Width - with/without skirts 3.630m / 3.4550m
Height top turret roof 2.570m
weight - combat 50t
Armament 120mm Rheinmetall smoothbore - 50 rounds
7.5mm co-axial MG
7.5mm ring mounted MG

Engine V12 990kW

Additional schematic attached


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Seeing this, and the picture of the wooden mockup in Hilmes book, I think my Japanese drawing is simply an artist's impression based on the verbal description in Angelucci's book Modern Armour.
Hi, here is a few more pics of this prototype. Great looking vehicle, Leo2/Merkerva mash up.
Has anyone come across a timeline for its development?


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rdmr said:
Has anyone come across a timeline for its development?
The development was launched about 1975, but was already abandoned in 1984 when the purchase of Leo IIs was reviewed by Bundesrat und Parlament.

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