Sukhoi Su-57 / T-50 / PAK FA - flight testing and development Part II [2012-current]

The United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) has patented a drone that is dropped from an aircraft and independently decides to strike.

The carrier aircraft delivers the drone to the line of combat contact on an external sling, drops it, but maintains contact with it. The UAV has an operator control function, but at the same time the drone can independently make decisions about attacking an object that matches the target characteristics.

He is helped in this by an optical system that contains:

● a camera operating in the visible wavelength range;

● or a camera operating in the infrared wavelength range;

● or a system of cameras operating in both visible and infrared wavelengths.

The drone's optical system works in conjunction with an on-board intelligent search and guidance system based on trained neural networks. When using a camera operating in the near and/or far infrared wavelength range, detection and recognition of targets is possible at any time of the day and in any meteorological conditions.

Reconnaissance information about detected targets, telemetric information about the performance and location of the drone, and video footage of the target before it is hit are transmitted to the ground control post or air command post.

The warhead of the UAV is a high-explosive charge, a high-explosive fragmentation charge, a high-explosive fragmentation incendiary charge, and a shaped charge.

At the same time, it is not clear whether the UAC actually already has ready-made samples or whether this is just a “patent of an idea.” There are no technical characteristics of the drone. Perhaps they are simply secret, or perhaps they do not exist at all yet. We are waiting for details and combat use.

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