Sukhoi Su-57 / T-50 / PAK FA first flight - pictures, videos and analysis [2010]

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1 April 2006
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T-50 has successfully performed maiden flight from Dzemgi airfield with Sukhoi test pilot Sergey Bogdan at controls.
Take off at 11.19 local time, landing at 12.05 (UTC+10.00).

We should thank grOOmi for his real-time coverage of events under scrutiny of cold and security.

It's hard to name another aviation event that has been awaiten so eagerly by thousands of aviation enthusiasts around the world.

I should go and drink some vodka.

Photos and video will appear in several hours. My recorder is ready.

Love you all, guys.


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Flateric you seems to be all charged up :)

Congratulations to Sukhoi and PAK-FA team for safe and successful first flight

Waiting to get glimpse of the new lady.
Congratulations flateric!!
Congratulation flateric, Sukhoi, and S. Bogdan!

I've just drunk a toast (Stoly, of course) to the event!
don't forget of 12.000 KnAAPO workers who have built the bird!

Sorry for the bad quality...
video here

The Flaptor has flown and it looks cool as hell. It's also the design that was shown at the Saturn website a few months back.

Watching that video, that isn't the first flight, that's from earlier, obviously, of just lifting the nose wheel off the ground.
Several more photos up now:
If I didn't know any better, I would have said that PAKFA had the longest product cycle of any weapon in Russian millitary history. It's been 25 years since the 5th generation program started.

Congratulations to everyone who has poured his hopes and work into this machine, but damit I wanna know already....
Photos from Paralay board.....


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Seems good looking from those angles, I look forward to more photos.

Anyone want to bet how many get produced in this day and age?


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this is footage from high-speed taxies on Jan., 23
this is T-50-1, not KNS
today's event media will appear later, according to PPV (Pavel Pl****)
Colonial-Marine said:
Anyone want to bet how many get produced in this day and age?

Probably more than the F-22 ...... ;D How long 'til it gets labeled the Black Widowski???
Official press-release and photos


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Seems not painted yet !
Press release

Sukhoi began flight tests of long-term aviation system frontline aircraft (PAK FA)

Today in Komsomolsk - on - Amur hosted the first flight of an experienced aviation complex of the fifth generation. The plane was piloted honored test pilot Sergei Bogdan Russia. Prototype PAK FA spent 47 minutes in the air and landed on the runway of the factory airfield.

The flight was successful, in full accordance with the flight plan. "During the flight we had a primary assessment of controllability of the aircraft, engine and major systems, the aircraft made a full-time cleaning and landing gear. The aircraft proved itself well in all phases of our intended flight program. They easily and comfortably manage ", - said Sergey Bogdan.

Compared with previous generations of fighters, PAK FA has several unique features, combining the functions of attack aircraft and fighter.

Fifth generation fighter aircraft equipped with a fundamentally new avionics, the integrating function of e-pilot, and promising radar with a phased antenna array. This significantly reduces the load on the pilot and allows you to concentrate on the implementation of tactical tasks. On-board equipment of a new aircraft enables the exchange of data in real time as a land-management systems, and within the aviation group.

The use of composite materials and innovative technology, aerodynamic design aircraft, measures to reduce the visibility of the engine provides unprecedented low level of radar, optical and infrared visibility. This allows you to significantly improve the combat effectiveness in the work, both by air and ground targets, at any time of day, in simple and adverse weather conditions.

"Today we started a program of flight tests of fifth generation fighter aircraft. This is a great success of Russia's science and engineering thought. For this achievement is worth more than a hundred co-operatives allied enterprises, our strategic partners. PAK FA program displays Russia's aircraft manufacturing and related industries on a qualitatively new technological level. These planes, along with modernized aviation system of the fourth generation will determine the potential of Russian military aircraft in the coming decades. The plans of the Company "Sukhoi" is included and further development of the Program PAK FA, on which we will work with Indian partners. I am confident that our joint project will surpass the Western counterparts by the criterion of cost-effectiveness and will not only strengthen the defensive power of the Air Force of Russia and India, but will take its place in the world market ", - said General Director of JSC" Sukhoi "Mikhail Pogosyan, Commenting on the start of flight testing.
What a morning... :eek: B) :)
Congratulations to Sukhoi!
Thanks folks for posting the pic's and video.
flateric, great idea to start a new thread!

I wonder what what kind of sensor is behind the canopy.
And those pods near the wing root....
The section of LERX above the intake may be moveable like Naval LCA's LEVCONs.
Congratulations to the Sukhoi team and to Russia.

She certainly is a beautiful looking bird.
overscan said:
may be moveable like Naval LCA's LEVCONs.

it's movable, indeed, and being called Povorotnaya Chast Naplyva (PChN) (swiveling LEX part)
flateric said:
first hi-res pictures

How many weapons bays is the T-50 suppose to have? It appears there are two sets under the center fuselage.

Anyway, looks to be a pretty attractive aircraft. :)
flateric said:

Great find! Definitely looking like some of the CG models that have leaked online this past year.
Since I can't have an F-23, can I have one of those? It's definitely the coolest looking fighter flying as of now, IMHO.

BTW, I asked this at Key Forums, but I think more here would be able to speculate, what do you think of the pods under the LERX's just outside the nacelles? Stealthy weapons pylons/gun housings? Or space for electronic systems, maybe side looking RADAR apertures? They're metal right now, but that could just be for the prototype. I know it's all just speculation atm, I just found them interesting.
Cropped the good bits


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Apollo Leader said:
How many weapons bays is the T-50 suppose to have? It appears there are two sets under the center fuselage.

two large ventral bays, one behind the other
two side weapon bays for short-range AAMs
said that 'each can hold NO LESS than two missiles' (well, imagine side bay for two RVV-MDs and front ventral bay for three RVV-Mds, or two Kh-58UShKEs), with total internal hardpoints being 10 (ten)


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Seems as if the Sukhoi-server is dead ! ;D



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LERX is definitely moveable. Shape is less sexy from above - quite Raptorski :)
flateric said:
two large ventral bays, one behind the other
two side weapon bays for short-range AAMs
said that 'each can hold NO LESS than two missiles' (well, imagine side bay for two RVV-MDs and front ventral bay for three RVV-Mds, or two Kh-58UShKEs), with total internal hardpoints being 10 (ten)

Well, then I'm guessing, by the looks of them, those bumps/housings, under the LERX are the side missile bays for the short range AAM's.
why do strategic interceptor projects shelved due to fall of the soviet union come to mind?

Umm maybe because it has a phucking big internal carrying capability... ;D
snake-head side profile with this large canopy reminds me dangerous Boomslang (Dispholidus typus)


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