Loosely speaking, anything related to the stuff discussed here. That includes for example all kinds of aviation books.

I'm primarily interested in aircraft, but other moderators may be able to recommend good books on Navy and Army stuff. Its supposed to be recommendation based, with reviews.

I will consider listing books that aren't on Amazon as well, provided they are good enough, but users should bear in mind that won't help support the forum financially.
For anyone interested in the Light Weight Fighter Program, I highly recommend Northrop's YF-17 Cobra: A Pictorial History by Don Logan.

I had no idea just how good that plane was and learned alot about it's performance in that book. I actually have some photographs from someone who worked on the program that aren't in that book. It is quite different from the F-18 and would have been more agile because the F-18 weighs 10,000lbs more than the YF-17. If they had had time to fix some the shortcomings before the fly off ended, it would have been even more amazing. However, with the F-16 using the F-100 engine, the end result was basically a given, barring any major problems with the YF-16 and we all know how that turned out.
Bill Gunston's 'early Supersonic Aircraft of the West', 'Bombers of the West' and 'Attack Aircraft of the West' are excellent and cover some unbuilt projects e.g. AFVG, SR-177, Avro Canada CF-105 Arrow amongst others

could you give me the ISBN for that books?


Here they are:

Bill Gunston

'Early Supersonic Fighters of the West' 0 7110 0636 9-103/74 published by Ian Allan 1976

'Attack aircraft of the West' 0 7110 0523 0 pub. Ian Allan 1974

'Bombers of the West' 0 7110 0456 0 pub. Ian Allan 1973

All pretty old now but generally quite easily avaible from second-hand bookshops in the UK e.g. Frank Smith's Aviation and Maritime Books, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne via

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