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16 September 2006
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Could anyone suggest any good books on the Eurofighter program? Technical emphasis is preferred. I couldn't find any mention on the site except a German language book which isn't particularly useful for me. What is the Aerofax booklet on Eurofighter like?

The Aerofax book isn't all that bad, but at this point it is a bit dated.
The German book is the best available. The Aerofax is indeed outdated.

There's definitely a niche for an enterprising author to fill there.
I didn't find the Aerofax too bad. It's got lot's of detail on EAP, the prototypes and the general story. It just stops at the end of the 90s and only has a small section on future development. It would be nice to have details on the preliminary aircraft in Tranche 1 and 2 and the various Block differences but most of that is available elsewhere now. I think it was Combat Aircraft Monthly that did a long feature a month or so back that focused on the more this. Of course, there's limits as to what is in the public domain.
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