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cannot say I am happy about any of this escalation on escalation but the planes are indeed beautiful

It is a deal Russia and Iran have had in the works for years (predates the war) and it might apparently finally be fulfilled with aircraft that Egypt was supposed to buy before the purchase ran afoul of sanctions. It is, IIRC, only a couple dozen aircraft all together anyway, so not a meaningful force.
cannot say I am happy about any of this escalation on escalation but the planes are indeed beautiful
Yes, I hope that these aircraft will act as a deterrent, so that we don't end up with a full-scale conflict between Iran and the USA.
Unfortunately, the picture has been debunked as being old, from iirc 2021 showing nighttime flights of the egyptian pilots training with them in Russia.
But still hoping we'll see Su-35 in iranian colours. The iranian revolution anniversary comes soon so who knows. We had no clue of the Yak-130 deal or them arriving in Iran until they decided to show them.

This one is the "Missile truck" configuration with 12x RVV-SD/R-77-1. Still relatively low RCS but not optimum, especially compared with other fighters in BVR configuration.

The configuration :

The comparison with clean Su-35's


Comparison with other fighters in BVR configurations :


Will look at other configurations when future allows. Might also try to compare it with Izd-180.
And nothing happened, fire ended on its own - there was nothing to burn there.

Yeah, a 2000 km long raid. What kind of idiots are writing these headlines?

I would have to agree. You don't set a jet on fire with some clots of drenched gas.
When they repaired the Fullback that skidded out of runway and flipped on its roof, you would imagine they also put this Fullback into service without too much problem.

Su-35 plane crashed in occupied Sevastopol​


Yagain??? This must be a CF world record.

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so this is another one?
It's almost 240km from the nearest part of the frontline and the local air defence was noted as going active around the same time, so it could well be another friendly fire incident, if that's even possible, either that or a very long range UAF SAM shot, or one hell of a malfunction.

Is there a point at which fiendly fire isn't friendly anymore?

It's looking like friendly fire, UAF is not claiming it.

Minus one. An SU-35 military plane crashed in the temporarily occupied Crimea. The pilot ejected. The information was confirmed by the local governor. However, he did not tell about the reasons for the fall. At the same time, local publics assume that the aircraft carrier became another victim of Russian air defense.


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The Russian Aerospace Forces, or VKS, continues to burn through the life span of its fighter aircraft in the war against Ukraine. After two years of air war, its total force is slightly less than 75% of its prewar strength.

The VKS has directly lost approximately 16 fighters over the past eight months. However, this does not account for the imputed losses, which arise from an aircraft accruing more flight hours than planned, reducing its overall life. Based on updated information, the VKS is on track to suffer approximately 60 imputed aircraft losses this year from overuse. That is equivalent to losing 26 new airframes. Meanwhile the VKS currently procures only about 20 total Su-30, Su-34 and Su-35 aircraft per year.

It is run thru google translate. I found this article from the ruskies regarding a simple walkthrough of a usual gun/r-73 missile practice mission on old naval su-27s. Alright article and neat pictures.

Edit:also I know this isnt one of the later variants of the flanker it just seems like this is now the defacto thread for all general flanker stuff. Also cool to see them still working on one of their old guys.
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