Su-30, Su-33, Su-34 and Su-35 News thread, pictures and discussion

sn't it two separate programs?
the first being a Russian update with Russian radars (that seemingly got nowhere)
and this one being with Indian radars?

AFAIK "Super Sukhoi" program was always Indian initiative. Mentions of Uttam being replacement for Bars was also, at least dated back to 2020's.
su35 or not?

Recently, it was claimed another su35 was shot down and images of the wreckage were posted, where Oryx documented it as another su35s fighter. However, many seem to miss the features of the nose cone, besides the white color nose cone (could also be light grey due to image shade and lighting), the close-up images of the damaged nose cone seem to miss the strips located from the root of the cone - a distinctive feature only on the su35.

It could be the image quality, but judging by other google images with similar qualities, the strips are still somewhat visible. Moreover, having a white cone would instantly mean that it was not a su35, su35s all use grey/dark grey nose cones except for the ones flying for the acrobatic teams. Hence, I believe the wreckage might belong to a su30sm.

Of course, I might be wrong, I haven't found any decisive proof that the wreckage is a su35.

*images taken from google, please contact me if any copyright is violated


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Of course, I might be wrong, I haven't found any decisive proof that the wreckage is a su35.
Look at the nozzles design and on the wing-tips, with something resebmling the wreckage of ECM containers. Unforunately, it looks like a Su-35.
Don't su30sms carry the same ECM pod
No, they don't.

The only Su-30 that carried such pods was a testbed used for their trials for Su-34 program. Su-30SM in RuAF service don't carry them.

UPD: I'm lagging behind the events. They, actually, do. Well, it might be Su-30SM as well, then. Most likely Su-30SM, given the fact the radar radome is white.
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If they do intend to hit the building, they will and clearly they have the right tools for it. It looks more like harassement for me.

But then if they do hit the building the narrative would be "Russians destroys xxx Millions USD of their own buildings" The tweet is clearly made to build narrative.
I think that whole video is simply a propaganda run filmed after the incursion to the Bil'horod oblast' had ended. I honestly doubt even the Russian air force would be reckless enough to risk two Su-34s in a harrasment mission which could more easily be performed by Su-25s.
Hell of a thing if they've been reduced to low altitude flying over their own territory.
well show of force. Like in Kherson they do their usual thing with their makeshift JDAM's
Hell of a thing if they've been reduced to low altitude flying over their own territory.
Right next to the border - and reasonably close to the location of the recent disaster.

If Ukraine managed to sneakily remove minefields and get an armored column on top of the border post - hoping that the same border post would've noticed s-300/patriot column deeper into Ukrainian territory is very reckless.
Whoever came up with the modular Mk80 series of bombs really slam dunked it on what nominally should have been a simple system with few future repercussions. The separation of the tail and rear fuse wells from the bomb body ended up making those weapons dramatically easier to modify later in their lives.
Coefficient of fullness?

Same concept as ship's Block Coefficient, basically "chubbyness" or how slender/fat is the form. The chubbier the bomb, the higher the fullness coefficient, while the more slender the bomb, the lower. Bomb with fullness coefficient of 1 is basically a box.

The M-54 counterpart of that FAB-1500T is looking like this, short, fat and have fullness coefficient of 43.5%

After many aspirin for several years I have been able to understand the differences between Sukhoi models. o_O

To avoid complicating it, I read that the Su-30 and Su-35 have the radome and the front of the fuselage of greater diameter to allow the antenna rotation of the IRBIS and IRBIS-3 radar. However, although I observe that the tip of the cone rises slightly upward on the Su-30, and the obvious difference of the Su-35 with no lifting part, I do not see much difference with respect to the diameter of the Su-27.

Has someone accurate planes with same scale o make a comparison of shapes and sizes. Thanks in advance !

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