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God help them as there are over 200 Su-30MKI's to replace and some thousands of small sub contractors making parts of them and not to mention India does not have fighter engine in class of AL-31 or F-100/110. Their "Gangga" engine program (yeah India do attempt to make their own version of AL-31) didnt or havent produce result, while Kaveri still requires Russian assistance for testing it.

If India is seriously wish to retain any deterrence toward China or other power, they wont burn all the bridges and partnership with Russia. Or at least not in long term. So having R-37 will still on the table, India can either license produce the missile, then adding their own seekers and electronics.


Anyway the UMPB-30, the new glidebomb for Russian forces. This glide bomb is perhaps the first "universal" guided weapons in Russian arsenal, as it can be airdropped or launched from MLRS (BM-30 Smerch as platform) Taking role of both JDAM and GLSDB at same time.

This weapon tho have about 3 meter in length and 30 cm diameter.

If those dimensions are indeed true, and judging by the images, its not really a sdb equivalent. It is something between a sdb and a compact jdam-er. Roughly 350-400 kg in weight. And obviously a bespoke design, unlike the steering kit+wing kit+ bomb that is the jdam-er.
It could actually have quite a bit of range.
Curiously, no double racks used for it yet.
If those dimensions are indeed true, and judging by the images, its not really a sdb equivalent. It is something between a sdb and a compact jdam-er.
500lb JDAM-ER is the closest counterpart. And the most intersting and promising feature of UMPB, according to the rumours circulating in our media is that it can be used not only with air platforms but with a 300 mm MLRS Smerch too, in the same way as GLSDB is used with M270/HIMARS MLRS.

A cross-platform precision-guided stand-off munition. What's not to like? Whoever made it, they did a great job, IMO.
If those 3m length and 30cm diameter figures, cited earlier ,are correct then its positioned between gbu38 and gbu32.
Gbu38 weigh 253 kg and is just 2.35 m long and 27 cm in diameter.
Gbu32 is 3 m long like the russian bomb but is thicker, at 35 cm in diameter.

Part of the russian bomb body is however wings, which are more integrated into the weapon, and not bolted on like with jdam er. That thinner mid body likely takes away some weight.

So, the bomb without wings might weigh around 340 kg. Adding wings i get close to 370 kg.
(Gbu38 weight differemce between regular jdam and jdam er is 30 kg)
Of course, all that is give or take a dozen or two kilos.
But its not exactly a small and compact bomb by US standards, at 350 to 400 kg and 3 m in length. It can likely be carried by double or triple racks though. I expect those images of single bomb per pylon to change in coming months, as bomb matures further and as production increases.
Nose of the bomb also looks as if it can receive various seeker heads in the future.

The end part of the bomb also has this kink which might be useful for fitting the intake of a tiny jet engine in some future variant.

For russian pre-war standards , that bomb is almost a revolution.
MOSCOW, June 11 – RIA Novosti.

A Su-34 fighter-bomber crashed in North Ossetia, killing the crew, the Ministry of Defense reported.
“In the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania, in a mountainous area, a Su-34 aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces crashed during a scheduled training flight ,” the statement said.
The preliminary cause of the plane crash is a technical malfunction.
I wonder, where i can find a good description on Su-30SM2's particularly on changes. The first indication is appearance of the L-band "IFF/Radar" at the wing LE. But other than that, the news are conflicting. From the use of AL-41F1S or use of Irbis radar.

Recent imageries with R-37 however kinda lend credence to the use of Irbis-E. Although the presence of Pitot tube at the radome tip was similar as earlier SM's. This however at least in my view is not really an indication of what's inside. The "pitotless" radome also seen at Su-37 which also use Bars.
Irbis was tested in Flankers with radomes which had a pitot - its presence or absence is a function of the host aircraft's air data system, not radar specific.

Su-30SM2 also gets the new-gen S-107 data-link from the Su-35S (compare the dielectric panels on the nose). I further suspect the cockpit interface will be the same, as there was already an import substitution problem with the French hardware on the Su-30SM.
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Brief Summary: Fighter bomber - a pro-Russian telegram channel - whines about how few Su-34 deliveries there have been in light of how many have been lost:

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Military acceptance. Su-30SM2. Working in a Special Military Operation zone

Ironic, su-30 went full circle.

Began as a interceptor for wast spaces, grown multirole capability to sell better, was procured by VKS as a multirole fighter... and when at war, ended up being most suitable for the very interceptor job it was born for.

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