SSAN Project 1910 Kashalot / Uniform class


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1 April 2006
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Little is known about these deep-diving submarines. They were referred to as “ocean engineering & research ships” by the USSR, code-speak for covert operations. (According to some sources, they were designed to tamper with the USN’s SOSUS network.) The most distinguishing feature is “fenders” on the hull near the sail, for many years Jane’s Fighting Ships reported that these were wheel-wells for driving on the seafloor, however in the 1990s similar shapes were seen on the undersides of “Alfa” class SSNs being scrapped. They are now assumed to be related to the reactor somehow, or, lateral thrusters of some type. The HF whip antenna is curiously mounted on the aft deck. Hull material is assumed to be titanium.

Displacement: 1390t surfaced, 1580t submerged Dimensions: 226’4”x23’x17’ Machinery: Nuclear: 1 PWR (type unknown), 1 shaft Max speed (est): 31kts At-sea endurance: unknown Diving depth (est): 3100’ max Complement: 36

WEAPONS Assumed to be unarmed.

SENSORS Assumed to carry a “Snoop”-series radar; unknown sonar suite (possibly MG-519 “Mouse Roar” HF active).

by Jason W. Henson

1910 took part in recovery of the sunken SSGN Kursk

Photos via Vitaly Kostrichenko (, KAF (


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I knew there had to be a Russian counterpart of the NR1. Very fascinating, thank you for sharing that :)
Very interesting photos. Regarding the bulges alongside the sail, I think the ones on the underside of the Alfa class are cooling water intakes, but these look different. Some kind of precision sonar?

They might indeed be water intakes located on the sides so the vessel can bottom out. Also if divers exit through the bottom it might be advisable to have the big industrial sized sucky things.....elsewhere.

I've read somewhere that certain of the USN's SSN classes cannot lie doggo on the bottom due to the positioning of their seawater intakes.

Other possibilities might include limpet mine containers, or some type of weapons pack, the aforementioned wheels, big cable cutting counter rotating twin skill-saws, precision positioning thrusters, sample containers, housings or equipment associated with waldos, or as has been mentioned, some sort of sonar.Note that the spinning blade option seems to me to be at once the coolest and least likely.
I would very much doubt that these house any reactor related components nor any wheel type housing. The reactor would be located about midship or a bit aft. Not to mention that the the command area is probably located in that area and would cause further space constraints in an already crowded area. Similarly this reasoning applies as to why wheels would not be in this area. The internal hull would be circular in cross section and hence the wheels would be causing a major reduction on the hull.


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