1. covert_shores

    Spain launching first S-80 Class submarine

    Article with cutaway (caveat - by me) Video of Christening ceremony View:
  2. Grey Havoc

    Border and Offshore Submersible Sentry (BOSS) - Russia
  3. covert_shores

    Type-XXI Submarine with Ursel rockets

    Usual caveats apply, full size cutaway at The Type-XXI was important in a lot of ways, but had the Ursel rockets made it into service I think it could have further reshaped Cold War submarine equipment, at least in the immediate...
  4. JFC Fuller

    RN Post War submarine rebuilds

    I have been looking at the RN T class submarines and their post war service, in particular there reconstructions. A large number of the boats seem to have survived into the 60s but I have only been able to identify 8 welded boats and 5 riveted as having undergone reconstructions. My question is...
  5. Triton

    Soviet Navy Project 881 "Merkuriy" SSGN

    In the mid 1980s, the Soviet Navy determined that a new weapon system was needed to deal with the ever-increasing power of US Navy carrier battle groups. At the time, the Project 949 (Granit) and Project 949A (Antey), NATO reporting names Oscar I and Oscar II, nuclear-powered guided missile...
  6. Aeroengineer1

    NR1 Replacement Study I just came across this study on what appears to be a handful of concepts that were looked at to replace the NR1. To my knowledge, none of these have been pursued. Adam
  7. flateric

    SSAN Project 1910 Kashalot / Uniform class

    1910 took part in recovery of the sunken SSGN Kursk Photos via Vitaly Kostrichenko (, KAF (
  8. T

    Malakhit design bureau - submarine projects

    Nice collection of model photos from a visit to the Malakhit design bureau here: Love the unbuilt Pr.958 SSN - thanks to a spherical bow sonar and a *massive* flank array immediately aft of the bow the torpedo tubes were not only angled in the manner...
  9. Hood

    Project 1840 Lima

    Does anyone have any more info or even pictures of this mysterious sub? I'm assuming it had some kind of research role like the Project 1710 Beluga and it did see some service with the Black Sea Fleet during the late 1980s. Any info much appreciated.
  10. TinWing

    Early Post-WWII Dutch Submarines: Unbuilt 3 and 4 pressure hull designs

    These drawings can be found on the site, albeit in multiple segments. The cargo submarine concept is a throw back to the WWI German concept - perhaps even the later the later "milch cow" u-boats? I do have to wonder if this design was prompted by the Dutch experience in the...