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26 May 2006
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Dear Hesham, the S.N.C.A.S.O SO.5100 Champagne was first proposed in 1948. It provided the inspiration for the later S.N.C.A.S.O SO.60 series of designs; elegant Vautour-like jetliners which were the SE.210 Caravelle's main competitors in the SGACC's "Moyen Courrier" competition.

I recommend "Caravelle - The Complete Story" by John Wegg, Publisher Airways International Inc. Published simultaneously in French and English, this is the definitive Caravelle reference (oh how I wish I had written this one!) and it contains many sketches of early French jetliner designs like the SO.5100 Champagne. Look out for the SE.2500-01-01, an outlandish passenger-carrying overgrown Grognard on page 31!

All best, Terry, (Caravellarella).
As even Weggs "Caravelle" book (nevertheless highly recommended !) don't show a
3-view of the SO.5100, I would additionally recommend the Aviation Francais Magazine
August/September 2005, containing such a 3-view and some drawings showing the
internal arrangement. ;)
Thank you my dears Caravellarella and Jemiba,

but do you have any drawing to SNCASE SE.2500 ?.
Sorry for the SE.2500, found nothing.

But here's the 3-view of the SO.5100 from the above mentioned
AFM in lo-res.


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Yes AFM, another very promising magazine that went down the tube ! Grrr :mad:
Can anyone help identify this jet?
The picture is from Flug Welt May 1950 according to my records but
the caption does not survive image enlargement and enhancement.

Of course it may just be an artists impression but the context of the
page implies it comes from a builder - and it looks British - but with a
strange combination of features.




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Do you have any evidence or links for this?

The only reference I found for L-193 cited this as being a rear engined design.
Possibly along the lines of the Jetstar.

Dear Boys and Girls, it's a French Jetliner Project: I'm sure. I can't remember if it is from S.N.C.A.S.O, Bréguet or S.N.C.A.C Aéreocentre......

Terry, (Caravellarella)
Hi Terry, welcome with us... ;)
Can you remember if it was a long-courier or a moyen-courier (Caravelle competition ?) . It woul be helful for a PPT I'm preparing for a congress. Merci !
The nearest french equivalent I could find, is the SNCASO SO.5100 ...


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Mmmm, so a participant to the aborted Long Courier competition.
The wing planform and the length/span ratio seems to be different,
but maybe it's actually the "Champagne".

BTW, the drawing is from Wegg "Caravelle"
From the French magazine "Le Fana de L'Aviation" March 2011 (496)", page 76 & 77.
The last version had different jet pods.


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From AFM magazine,

here is a drawing to SNCASO SO.5100 Champagne,with a little different,please look
to the rear wing position,also a more info about SNCASO SO.5000 Phenix.


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Skyblazer said:
Source for the name Phénix?

Aviation Francaise Magazine N° 5, , see cutout.

If possible, please, mention the number or issue/year of a magazine, it makes looking up
much easier for others. I know, it's not always possible, my neatness is often quite limnited,
too, and thos data are lost, but especially in the case of that magazine, which only reached
14 issues, it's manageable, I think , ;)


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From Aviation Francaise 1945,

a more Info.


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From Air Pictorial 1951.


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From L'Air 1950.


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