CAPRA & MATRA Aircraft Designations


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CAPRA and MATRA Aircraft Designations

CAPRA and MATRA are great for unbuilt aircraft projects since not a single aircraft designed by Robert Roger was actually flown :D Most of this has been covered by Jacques Moulin on his Aerophile blog - - but I thought it should be summarized in English.

For the most part, the CAPRA designation style is simply 'R' (for designer Roger Robert) followed by a type numeral (in the usual French blocks of 10). The R.20 record aircraft was an exception, also being referred to as the RR ('Roger Robert', without numbers), the S 20 (S for 'Sport'), or even the S 200.

The only built and flown Matra aircraft were postwar designs by fighter pilot André Moynet (better known for Matra's involvement with LeMans racing cars). It seems that Société Engins MATRA was to build prototypes of Moynet's executive aircraft designs which were then to be built in series by Sud-Aviation.

The Moynet Jupiter series were assigned Moynet type numbers. The first Matra-built example was the M 360-4 (for 4 seater, presumably for Lycoming IO-360, 4-seater). The second prototype was the M 360-6 Jupiter ... presumably for 6-seater, although the engines were now IO-540s :eek:

CAPRA - Compagnie Anonyme de Production et Réalisation Aéronautique - 1937-1942
Aircraft Designs by Roger Robert

Capra R.10 - (Hypothetical designation) Poss. never applied, or ...
- R.10: Poss. racers* to be built for Établissements V. Vermorel**
-- *Poss. two separate designs for the 1939 Deutsch de la Meurthe
-- ** Better-known for autos, Édouard Vermorel intro'd racing cars
-- See reply #5 for Jacques Moulin's speculative view on the R.10

Capra R.20 - 1939 record aircraft, span 6 m, built but not flown
- R.20: Mid-wing monoplane, retr. u/c, mostly wooden constr'n
- R.20: 1 x 400 hp Béarn 12A 6.5L H-12 (engine never delivered)
-- aka RR (for 'Roger Robert'), S 20 (S for 'Sport'), or S 200
-- 5v:,3982.msg76174.html#msg76174

Capra R.30 - [Project] 1939 light fighter/fighter trainer R.20 deriv.
- R.30: 1 x 350 hp Bearn 6C-1, low/mid-wing, aft-set cockpit
-- Some parts completed, aka Capra R.300 or, erroneously, 'R.46'
-- 3v:,3982.msg2590.html#msg2590

Capra R.40 - [Project] 1939 2-seat,* twin-engined fighter, span 13.90 m
-- * Initial 1938 concept was for twin-engined single-seater (C1)
- R.40: Mid-wing monoplane of mixed constr.,** twin fin/rudders
-- ** Wing: welded SS box girder, wood ribs, plywood covered
-- ** Fuselage: Dural monocoque fore/aft, centre welded steel-tube
- R.40 to be powered by 800 hp*** Hispano-Suiza HS-12Y-50/51
-- *** The rating for HS-12Y-50/51 is usually given as 1,000 hp
-- R.40 off. armament: 6 x 7.5 mm MAC 34/39 + 2 x 20 mm HS 404 cannons
-- R.40 def. armament: 5 x MAC 34/39 (x 3 on SAMM 170bis mount)
-- aka Capra R.40 C2 (Armée de l'air role/seat designation)
-- 3v:,3982.msg245878.html#msg245878

Capra R.41 - [Project] 1939 2-seat, twin-engined fighter, span 14.20 m
- R.41: R.40 with HS-12Z-89 engines and wider wing centre section
-- aka Capra R.41 C2 (Armée de l'air role/seat designation)

Capra R.46 - [Project] Possibly a single-seat R.40 deriv. design*
- * NB: 'R.46' desig. often misapplied to Capra R.30 (above)

Capra R.50 - [Project] No details

Capra R.60 - [Project] No details

Capra R.70 - [Hypothetical designation] Poss origin of R.74 & R.75

Capra R.71 - [Project] No details (poss. 'Matra R.71')

Capra R.72 - [Project] No details (poss. 'Matra R.72')

Capra R.73 - [Hypothetical designation] (poss. 'Matra R.73')


MATRA - Mécanique Aviation Traction - formed 1942 from the CAPRA Group
Aircraft Designs by Roger Robert

Matra R.74 - [Project] 194? twin-boom single-engine* tourer, span [??]
- R.74: High wing 4-seat [??], tricycle u/c, Robert patented tail
-- * Unspecified 150 hp inverted 6-cyl inline in rear of central pod
-- 3v:,3982.msg31247.html#msg31247

Matra R.75 - [Project] 1945 twin-boom 2-engine* tourer, span 12 m
- R.75: High wing 4-seater, tricycle u/c, Robert patented tail
-- * 160-175 hp Mathis Gr 7 in nose of each boom drive pusher prop
-- R.75 was also likely a study to cloak R-80 attack a/c project

Matra R.80 - [Project] 1942 transatlantic postal a/c, span 24.83 m
- R.80: 3 x HS-12Z or Allison V-1710 (total power ~3,700 hp)*
-- * 2 engines drive nose contraprops, 1 drives tail pusher prop
-- Intended for Lisbon-New York postal flights, crew of 4
-- T/O 60m Penhoët catapult, glide to land, retr. stab. floats
-- 3v:,3982.msg111378.html#msg111378
-- Robert also drew a landplane version with same drive system

Matra R.90 - [Project] 1942 twin-fuselage version of R.80
- R.90: Transatlantic postal a/c, 2 x nose contraprops*
-- * 4 x HS-12Z or Allison V-1710 (total power ~5,000 hp)
-- R.90 dispensed with R.80's pusher prop, glide to land

Matra R.100 - [Project] 1948 twin-boom pusher attack a/c, span 15 m
- R.100: Derived from R.75 tourer (R.75 also used as design cover)
- R.100: 2 x Rolls-Royce Merlins (or Griffins), counter-rotating props
- R.110: 1 x 2400-3600 hp Hispano-Suiza HS 24Z, counter-rotating props

Matra R.120 - [??] Prob. a jet devel. study of Matra R.110 (above)
-- Jacques Moulin suggests single-seat fighter with HS-built RR Nene

Matra R.130 - [Project] 1948 ramjet-powered research a/c, span 12 m
-- Cruciform tail and wings (longer span set retr. after take-off)*
-- * Fuselage section to rotate 90° after T/O, then delta wings only
-- 5v:


MATRA Aircraft Designs by other Designers

Isacco-Matra - 1948 'parachute mécanique', telescoping 1-man gyrocopter
-- aka Parachute-autogire and Rotachute (usually assoc. w/ Raoul Hafner)
-- NB: UK's Bevan Bros. built Isacco rotating-wing parachute in 1947

Rey R1 - 1949 experimental twin-engined articulated wing* aircraft
- Rey R1: 2 x 240 hp Renault 6Q-10a 6-cyl, fixed spatted main undercarriage
-- * Wooden wings' elastic sleeves reduced loads, F-WFDX flew 16 Dec 1949,
-- - 1321.html


MATRA Aircraft Designs by other Jean Cantinieau
Sud OuestCantinieau, an engineer with (SNCASO), designed his C.100 in cooperation with M. Decroze.

Matra-Cantinieau MC.100 - 1951 open-framed single-seat light helicopter
- MC.100: 1 x 80 hp Minié HO4, rotor diameter 6.85 m, x 1
-- Test-flown by Gérard Henry (later at SNCASE), aka Cantinieau C.100
-- Designed by Sud Ouest engineer Cantinieau with a M. Decroze

Matra-Cantinieau MC.101 - 1952 open-framed 2-seat light helicopter
- MC.101: 1 x 105 hp Hirth HM-504, main rotor diameter: 8.0 m
-- 2 x MC.101 prototypes (F-WGIX/F-WGIY), first flew 11 Nov 1952
-- Devel. moved to Spain as Aerotecnica-Cantinieau 11 (AC.11)*
-- See Reply #2 for non-Matra Cantinieau helicopter developments

Matra-Cantinieau Bamby/Faon* - 1963 2-seat light helicopter, x 1
- Bamby/Faon: 1 x 180 hp Lycoming, ducted tail, rotor diameter 7.40 m
-- ** Name change reportedly due to Disney complaints over 'Bambi'


Société Engins MATRA - Aircraft Designs by André Moynet

Matra Moynet Jupiter - 1962 push-pull executive trans., span 11.49 m, x 2
- M 57 : 1st study, pusher cabin a/c, retr. tricycle u/c, not built
- M 360-4 Jupiter: 4–5 seater, 2 x 200 hp Lycoming IO-360, x 1 (F-WLKE)
-- 3v:
- M 360-6 Jupiter: 7-seater, 2 x 290 hp Lycoming IO-540, x 1 (F-WLKY)*
-- * M 360-6 span increased tos 11.87 m, fuselage stretched by 0·61 m
-- Photo
- M 360-6P: [Project] Pressurised M 360-6, 2 x 340 hp Lycoming O-480
- M 2000: [Project] Enlarged pressurized vers, nose contraprops**
-- ** Poss. the same as proposed Sud-Aviation Présidence
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Excellent my dear Apophenia,

and I can add from TU issue 73;


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Many thanks for that, Hesham.

I'm attaching an Aerotecnica designation list here. It is off-topic for CAPRA/MATRA but Jean Cantinieau was employed at Aerotecnica until the firm's collapse in 1962. Cantinieau could have been involved with the design of all of these Spanish helicopters.

AC.11 : More powerful, Lycoming-engined development of MC.101

AC.12 : AC.11 deriv., monocoque fuse., rotor diam. 8.50 m, x 12
-- Spanish Air Force Aerotecnica AC.12 designation: EC-XZ-2
- [Project] Turboshaft deriv. of AC.12 [unknown engine type]

AC.13A: [Andre Bruel-designed Nord N.1750 Noreife sold on by SNCAN]

AC.14 : [enlarged 5-seat AC.13A, 400 shp Artouste IIB, rotor 9.60 m]
-- Spanish Air Force Aerotecnica AC.14 designation: EC-XZ-4, x 10

AC.15 : [Project] AC.14 devel. powered by 1 x 260 hp Lycoming O-435-V

AC.16 - AC.20: [Hypothetical designations]

AC.21 : [Project] 12-14 seat transport, 2 x Turbomeca Turmo III*
-- * AC.21 had AC.14-style ducted tail-boom, devel. ended in 1962


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Many CAPRA/MATRA designs were patented under Robert's name. Go to Espacenet and do a quick search for ROGER AIME ROBERT - you will truly boggle at the amazing aircraft mixed in among the detailed plumbing.

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