SNCASO Bretagne with four engined !


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26 May 2006
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we know the SNCASO (Breguet) Bretagne twin engined aircraft,but in
Flightglobal site they spoke about four engined version as a freighter
aircraft project.


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Careful, the caption says "Breguet" and not "SNCASO", so it probably isn't based
on the SO.30 . Maybe a model of the BR.760-763 series ? Couldn't find any clue in the
text. The name would be wrong,ok, but it seems, that the underside of these models
is shown and wing planform, form of the nacelles and shape of the fuselage in general
is quite ok, I think. Even aviation journalists are just human beings ... ;)

I think that Jemiba is right. The text speaks about "Breguet Provence" for the flying display. It's probably the inversion with the SO 30.
Dear Hesham, Jemiba and Deltafan, the two Bréguets in the image (is it a real photo?) bear the registrations F-WASK and F-WASM; respectively the 1st and third Br.761S pre-production aircraft. I have a photo somewhere that is very similar......

All best, Terry, (Caravellarella).
Can't think of it as a real photo, or the quality was really bad and it probably
was turned around. But the clue with the registration was very good, indeed !
With a little bit processing, F-WASM can even be read on this photo.
Dear Hesham, here is the photograph from my own collection showing the pre-production Bréguet 761S F-WASK & F-WASM in formation......

Quite different from a pair of SNCASO SO-30s......

Terry (Caravellarella)


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