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12 July 2006
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According to "Der Flieger" 11/1952 this should be a Savoia jet fighter design. But Savoia-Marchetti changed its name in September 1943 into SIAI-MArchetti. So it has to be a SIAI-Marchetti jet fighter. But which one?

Any idea?


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mmmm, jet fighters (and planes) by Italian companies in the late part of the war and immediately after are VERY controversial. Everything must be taken with the utmost caution after the fake of the Re-2007 jet fighter... ::) . I seem to remeber having seen something similar to the plane in Der Flieger. I have to dig once more.. :p
The jet fighter model was shown together with another one of the Savoia SM 115 "Canguro" transport at the Milan Aircraft Exhibition in 1952. Maybe you have an Italian aviation magazine of this year for comparison ...
Yes, but is located very deep... still digging...
Just back from SIAI in Sesto Calende, and this is part of the findings... ;D


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Hello All, I am new to the forum. I am trying to research the Savoia SM 115 "Canguro" transport airplane that was mentioned earlier in your post. I have seen a version of this plane paired with a Republic F84 with wings folded and the entire fighter was stored in the rear cargo bay of the SM 115

Does anyone know anything about the Savoia SM 115 "Canguro" transport airplane


it was SM.108,but they used the prefix X instead off (8) to commemorate of
Savoia-Marchetti S-55X,Atlantic cruise aircraft.
At you may find a Russian webpage where there is detailed information on the SIAI-Marchetti SM-10X jet-fighter project (based on an article in the Aerofan magazine from 1979).

I translated basic data:

Engines: 2 x Westinghouse «Yankee» 24C (i.e. the Westinghouse J34) 1360 kp each
Wingspan: 13,2 m
Length: 12,6 m
Height: 2,8 m
Wing area: 26,5 sq.m.
Fuel tanks capacity: 2700 ltr
Drop-tanks capacity: 1220 ltr (tanks under wings)
Empty weight: 3670 kg
Max. weight: 7500 kg
Max. speed: 985 kph
Ceiling: 14300 m
Armament: 4 20mm guns (300 rpg)
500 kg bombs or rockets under wings

The project was completed in 1953 but it didn't go beyond the drawing board.

Best regrads,


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From Aviation Magazine 1953,

here is a more Info about SIAI SM-115.


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Anyway at that times it was canceled, the SM-10X was rather obsolete, especially if compared with the far more advanced SM-133 and the upcoming AERFER Sagittario II/Ariete/Leone family.
Even if compared with Banshee, it essentially ceased its operational career with US NAVY (but continued with Canadian Navy) with the end of Korean war, more or less in the same time.

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