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4 June 2006
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An Air Enthusiast article on the Short S.32 mentions the Short S.28 a proposed successor to the Ensign, nothing much happened with this as the Armstrong Siddeley Terrier engines didn't get beyond design stage and the design work for the Stirling bomber took priority.

Are there any details of this S.28 around?
I just looked up the S.28 in my Putnam "Shorts", and this is what it has to say.....

"In preparation for the next generation of long-range airliners, the Air Ministry issed two specifications, 14/38 and 15/38, for the Empire and European routes respectively. Some months before, the aircraft industry had put forward various proposals for a four-engined monoplane successor to the Ensign, which had become out-dated almost before entering service because of its delayed delivery; among these had been one from Short Brothers with four Armstrong Siddeley Terrier three-row-radial engines, but this project (design index No. S.28) had lagged because the engines never emerged from the design stage and was dropped altogether when the Stirling prototypes were ordered."

I have looked at my database and seen no requirement for an "airliner" a few months prior to 14/38 and no other info on S.28.
To bring this thread back from the dead.

There was indeed an outline specification issued by Imperial Airways - Intermediate Class 4-Engined Land Type Aircraft for use on the European and Empire routes, both day and night configurations, issued on 26th Oct 1936. Short issued a tender in November 1936

The S28 was to be a high wing monoplane with retractable uc carrying 16-17 passengers.
It was 74' 9" long, 95' 3" span, all up weight 23400lb. Cruise 200mph, range against 40mph headwind 500miles
Layout drawing on Short drawing CR2365..............which I cannot find. :mad:

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