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25 July 2007
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In another topic, Boogey asked "for any draught of British bomber project Short S.36 Super Stirling on the Air Ministry specification No B.8/41. It would be also fine to look at the Short S.34 Modified Stirling."

British Secret Projects has a 3-view drawing of the Short S.36 'Super Stirling' on pg. 116. The big changes were Centaurus instead of Hercules, a lengthened fuselage (101'), increased span (135.9'), and a 0.5"-based armament (incl. 4 in dorsal turret).

The S.36 looks very much like the enlarged Stirling that it was. One noticable difference is the swept-up rear fuselage.

BSP also mentions the Short S.34 (to B.1/39) but there is no illustrations.

BSP says that the S.34 came in two variants. One was Hercules-engined and featured a Stirling-like single fin. A Griffon-powered version would have twin vertical tails.

Both were based on the Stirling but featured the required ventral and dorsal quad 20mm turrets. In the case of the Hercules version, both turrets were faired into the wing. The ventral turret of the Griffon version would protrude.

S.34 dimensions were to be: span 113.8', length 93.9', wing area 1770 sq ft.

Also worth mentioning is the rather handsome Shorts P.13/36 of which a model photo is shown. This looks like a slightly scaled-down, twin Vulture Stirling (page 103).
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Dear Lovely Apophenia ...
You can call me idiot as well, but where I'm to look for the page 116 ? Any link, please, darling :)
I'm rather a rare guest here and when I come, I love secret projects.
Hi Boogey,

I should have explained better. I meant that you can find details in the pages of the following book:

British Secret Projects: Fighters & Bombers 1935-1950, by Tony Buttler.

Unfortunately, scans from such Midland Publications books are prohibited on this forum. So, I'm afraid that there are no links.

Amazon.uk is selling the book for £43.99 (I was lucky enough to find a copy in the library of a nearby city). Valka.cz has it for 1395 CZK (about 52 EUR/£46) but shipping might be cheaper for you. The cheapest copy I saw in Europe was at Galaxidion for 35 EUR (about £30).

Good luck!
Thanx for information. As being Polish I have Czechy with its delicious beer ( Have You ever tried Polish ... )
and Aviation Musem at Praha Kbely very close, about 350 km, but I'll try to find a draft of S.36
by me in Warsaw, not needing to buy a book, knowing what and where to find, indicated by You.
It's only one time happened to me bought for plenty of money a book to have a draught ;D


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There's also a fairly good account about the Super Stirling,with a 3-view in

'RAF Bober Command and it's Aircraft 1941-1945' (vol2)
by James Golding&Philip Moyes.

Ian Allan-London first print 1978....
Today I've found the letter from lark in my post box, for which I really thank a lot :)
The most important was, of course, to find the 3-view draft of Super Stirling within.
Comparing informations between my root, http://www.samoloty.ow.pl/,
and Michael J. F. Bowyer's " The Stirling Bomber " I found first a divergence
of Centaurus engines designation :
CE3 SM in Polish site and CE38 M in Bowyer's book ; a curious detail ... :D
Anyway there's a few interesting informations in the text from lark. Thanks again.
Centaurus CE 3SM - proved to be incapable to give the required cruising
power at 19.000-24.000 feet..

Raf Bomber Command and its Aircraft Vol.2-J.Goulding /Ph.Moyes
Hello all

I am looking for drawing (3-view.... etc......) of the proposed improved developments of the basic Short Stirling heavy bomber which Short studied and submitted to the British Air Ministry.

They were the S.34 design
(In an effort to meet requirement B.1/39. It would have been powered by four Bristol Hercules 17 SM engines, optimised for high-altitude flight. The new design featured longer span wings and a revised fuselage able to carry dorsal and ventral power-operated turrets each fitted with four 20 mm Hispano cannon.)

As well as the "The Super Stirling"
(It would feature a wing span of 135 ft 9 in (41.38 m), and a powerplant of four Bristol Centaurus radials and a maximum takeoff weight of 104,000 lb (47,174 kg). The performance estimates included 300 mph (483 km/h) speed and a 4,000 mile (6,437 km) range with a weapons load of 10,000 lb (4,536 kg). It was initially accepted for consideration under Specification B.8/41)

Thanks in advance


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