Shadow on The Wall - Work in Progress by Jozef Gatial


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13 May 2006
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Do you know this plane?


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A swing-wing, nose similar to the Backfire or Blackjack, external weapons under
the outer wings .... but the tail of a Backfire would look different, I think. And that
of the Blackjack, too ! Difficult, really difficult ???
This was only project, its drawing was on this forum a few weeks ago and that 30-50 meters over terain "was" its typical flight profile
This one ???? ;)


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This General Dynamic FX project seems closer...

Hmmm ... ??? Boeing's TFX-proposal !?

Deino ???
Yes, it is Lockheed's project. Now you must wait a few days for a pictures in full color and I must prepare next shadow on the wall ("Shadow on The Wall" is song from Mike Oldfield)
OK, now a little simpler job. Do you know this plane?


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Yes, it was relatively simple. Now again little complicated job.


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It seems it is time for really mystery aircraft but my renderer is now busy. So only tomorrow
Orionblamblam said:
PlanesPictures said:
OK, now a little simpler job. Do you know this plane?

I know what this is... This is an espresso machine. No, no wait. It's a snow cone maker.

Is it a water heater?
"This is a Soviet MIRV-Six, from an SS-22N launch vehicle. The warhead contains 14.5 kilos of enriched uranium, with a plutonium trigger. The nominal yield is 10 kilotons."

Nice hints and previews, but now I want to go listen to Shadow On The Wall. ;)
Yeah, long life to Mike Oldfield, my parents were fans, they bought many vinyls in the late 70's and, as a consequence I grew up hearing with this music...
"PAINT IT BLACK" - still hot in time full of milions colors


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New open secrets are visible on

and my old webpage thanks to its owner still exists:
Dear Mr Gatial,

could you please give an idea about what is in that for non Russian readers?. It's a bit frustrating for me when I see your breathtaking renderings. Most about designs which identity I can't imagine. I guess that somewhere in the web there are books where that artwork is included but I can't see it because I understand nothing :'(
Is there any project to translate the web to English?. Is anyone there working on English articles about that Soviet/Russian unknown designs?.

Thanks in advance

Thomas, this is yet to be published, so no worries so far that you have missed something.
Antonio, If you have any questions, please write through

Regarding AVICO-PRESS periodicals - there were published several dozens of them (yes!),
each dedicated to specific project, with a tiny run of 500 copies. Even Konstantin Udalov, owner of AVICO-PRESS, doesn't have personal author's copy of each. I hope that orders and attention will bring backissues printing or making e-editions of them.

AVICO-PRESS Myasichev's Encyclopedia went through 3 editions, each time growing in volumes (last in 2005, has 10 volumes) and price at re-sellers, going up to 60-100 USD per volume, and now is hardly available. - register and write down your login and pass
Oryol WIG for. example...
VS80 Vertostat


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