Scott Lowther (Orionblamblam)'s APR and Drawings sets

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27 December 2005
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For anyone with an interest in unbuilt projects, Scott Lowther's APR (Aerospace Projects Review) is a real gem. Scott is now releasing old APR material, updated, in electronic form. He is also selling high quality scans of original drawings.

eAPR first volume

Aircraft Drawings

Spacecraft Drawings

US Bombers Preview

If you want to support the Secret Projects community, and if you've enjoyed Scott's posts on the forum, please consider purchasing items from Scott.
Re: Scott Lowther (Orionblamblam)'s APR and Drawings set

Just received my first CD of eAPR. Very good stuff, Scott! To anyone who hasn't subscribed yet, I urge you to do so immediately.
I've added "buy everything" options for my drawings and documents. When you buy, say, all space documents as a bundle, it's 10% cheaper... unless you're a non-US buyer in which case there's even more savings.

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