"S" - high-speed bomber by V.Bolkhovitinov (1937-41)


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5 May 2007
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1) The “S” aircraft general arrangement drawings approved in 1937.

Variants of the “S” aircraft proposed in 1937:
2) - reconnaissance aircraft with range of the flight before 2200км
3) – attack aircraft (maximum arms 20 Ultra SHKAS)
4) – near-bomber
5) – heavy fighter (anti-bomber). Soviet “shragge-music” from 1937
6) – the “S-1” aircraft side elevation
7) – the “S-1” prior to flight test. January 1940

source: M.Maslov "Poligon" #2,2000


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Re: "S" speedy-bomber V.Bolkhovitinov's (1937-41)

1) – the side view of the “S-2” power plant.
2) - the twin M-103 power plant
3-4) – “S-2” views


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Re: "S" speedy-bomber V.Bolkhovitinov's (1937-41)

Hi Borovik,

I already knew about this magnificent airplane, as well as the "sparka" tandem engined concept. But what about the projected "D" bomber, with two "sparka"? Do you have any drawing about it? Best regards,

Re: "I" - high-speed fighter by V.Bolkhovitinov (1941)

Smaller derivative of "S" bomber.
“I-1” / И-1 -1941
Engines -2 x AM-107 (2 x 1400hp)
Max.speed -750km/h (on height 4600m)
Span -11,38m
Length -12,96m
Armament -2 x 23mm VYa
-4 x 12,7mm UBK (all in wing)
Other similar projects:
"B-10" / Б-10 G.Beriev's
The Further improvement Beriev’s fighter "SI"(TsKB-21)/project 1935, by N.Polikarpov/ with two engines M-100./
Heavy fighter, interceptor, dive bomber, torpedo bomber (B-10M ) it was to be powered by two coupled tandem M-107 engines driving a single contra-rotating pusher four blades propeller.
With an NACA 23012 laminar wing, speed was calculated to reach 818 km/h.
“B-10” / Б-10 -1940
Engines -2 x AM-107 (2 x 1400hp)
Max.speed -765km/h (on height 4000m)
Span -13m
Length -11,26m
Armament -1 x 20mm ShVAK (in nose)
-6 x 7,62 UShKAS
(approximate data)
"DI-7" fighter (two sitter, two engines M-100, variant I-17) by N.Polikarpov 1933-35
“OKO-9” heavy fighter ("sparka" tandem engined concept ,4 x M-105) by V.Tairov (or correct Tyrov ?) 1941
“EOI” (0.4) (one of the version twin-boom fighter with two M-107) by V.Belyaev 1941
“T” bomber (similar, but with one engine AM-37 and contrarotating, coaxial propellers./with engine
M-120 or M-39 – night fighter/) by A.Arkhangelskii 1941
“D” bomber (four-engined with two "sparka" tandem M-105 / like “OKO-9”/, there were variants
with M-40 diesel, "sparka" tandem ,as well as pulling and pushing propellers.
Drawings these project were not published, try to do the speculative drawings , in fast future hope
source: "Aviation & cosmonautic" magazine 1998


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Hei, Borovik,

excellent pics of real projected aircraft. Good job.

Thanks, Borovik. This is really interesting stuff.

I don't quite understand the armament of the anti-bomber version of the S-1. Is it armed with a normal recoilless rifle (http://ram-home.com/ram-old/gun-drp.html) or two normal guns facing in opposite directions to cancel recoil?

Am I correct to assume that the attack variant of the S-1 should read 2 x Ultra SHKAS instead of 20?

Well done Borovik..
Thanks a lot.
...or two normal guns facing in opposite directions to cancel recoil?
GK-37; GK-45
Beside constructor Kondakova was and 45-mm gun like to designs. The Gun had two barrels, shooting for mutual exception of the return in opposite directions simultaneously.
From one barrel shooting was to produce combat shell, from the other - an weight ingot. Moreover, each barrel could become combat. Range of the shooting -4км.
( In wing-mounted variant GK-37, was provided cartridge/magazine from 24 (12 + 12) shells. Automation worked to account of the energy powder gas)
Am I correct to assume that the attack variant of the S-1 should read 2 x Ultra SHKAS instead of 20?
Exactly 20 Ultra SHKAS ! In S-Shturmovik version.
There were and other more exotic precedents.
source:A.Shirokorad "Avia Master"#3,2002 ; "Aviation and Time"


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Borovik, with you around I almost feel like I no longer need bread or water. Thanks, :)
Have you guys seen this awesome scratchbuilt model by Frank Mitchell?
I suggested this oddball to him and fired some drawings his way, and he did his usual scratchbuilt magic! Just fantastic! B)
Re: Bolkhovitinov S

Original profile view of the proposed "S" in 1937, and beautiful profiles and three-view arrangement, all from the French Air Magazine N°4:


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Re: Re: Bolkhovitinov S

They look like reproductions from the drawings of Poligon magazine nr.2. It ran an excellent article on the "S" including many drawings and detail photos. Drop me a pm with your e-mail address if interested and I'll send you the same package of scans on which Frank based his model.

Also see: http://www.airwar.ru/enc/bww2/sparka.html
A previously unposted photo of the S-1, also from Polygon No.2:


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