wasn't prior leakage due to micro metorite?

Either a micrometeoroid or a very small piece of space-junk.

Edit: TheSpaceBucket has just put out a video about the new leak.

Last year in December, a Russian Soyuz MS-22 crewed spacecraft leaked all of its coolant leaving its astronauts without a ride home for the time being. Only a few months later a different Progress spacecraft reported a depressurization thanks to a leak in the vehicle’s coolant system. Now in October, new reports are coming out that toxic ammonia flakes were observed on the station’s Russian Multipurpose Laboratory Module due to another possible leak.
Specifically, flight controllers noticed the leak and relayed that information to astronauts on board who were able to visibly confirm it. With this information only just coming out, NASA and Roscosmos are still trying to figure out the best course of action and decide the next steps. While not ideal, they both made it clear that astronauts on board are not in any danger.
This leak marks the third instance within a year for Russian hardware visiting or apart of the station to have difficulties. It also adds to the conversation of NASA’s plans with the station and its eventual retirement and de-orbit. Here I will go more in-depth into the new leak, plans to fix it, what it means for the future of the station, and more.
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I hate to see this.
There are times where I wonder if the universe wants to keep us Earthbound...
View: https://twitter.com/katlinegrey/status/1714875893468823564

An updated schedule of Russian lunar missions was presented at the 14th International Symposium on Solar System Research. #Luna26 (orbiter) will not be launched earlier, as some of the experts expected. #Luna27 is now scheduled for NET 2028 (instead of 2028) and has a backup.

The #Luna27 backup lander will be launched few months after Luna-27.
A summary of everything that is known about RSC Energia's new "Kosmoplan". Small Russian space plane, derived from Project Spiral.


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From NSF:

The most recent edition of the Center for Strategic & International Studies’ “Space Threat Assessment” report contains a fuzzy picture of Kosmos-2558 taken from another satellite. The report can be downloaded here:
(see p. 18)
New Roscosmos cosmonaut selection:
1716933128448.jpeg 1716933132384.jpeg 1716933136930.jpeg 1716933141568.jpeg

Anastasia Burchuladze: Born 1996, Propulsion engineer at NPO Lavochkin
Elchin Vakhidov: Born 1993 Engineer in the Russian Navy (In Kamchatka)
Vladimir Vorozhko: Born 1997, Bomber Pilot
Alexander Zherebtsov: Born 1990, Fighter Pilot
Why they start another Manned Spacecraft Proposal ?
is there issue or problem with Orel ?
Both the Orel spacecraft and the new ROS station continue their development. On July 2, 2024, Roscosmos head Yuri Borisov signed the assembly plan for the new ROS space station. The Kosmoplan spaceplane I believe is a very long-term proposal.

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2024-07-09 16.45.36_large.jpg

2024-07-09 16.45.29_large.jpg

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LeoLabs reports that the break-up of Resurs-P1 was most likely the result of a "low-intensity explosion" caused by either a debris impact or an internal event.


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