Is there a possibility that this spat with the Russians over their ISS commitment could blow over in a few months or is this a permanent rupture in relations with them in regards to cooperation in space ?

According to NASAspaceflight they have threatened to leave the ISS since 2014 - every single freakkin' month. That's 96 times the threat. And since the ISS is planned to last 8 more years, they may reach the 200 treshold...
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As often over the years Arthur C Clarke's predictions sort of come true..


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Dmitry Rogozin is removed of his post at ROSCOSMO
and replaced by the former Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov

It took surgeons eight hours to remove his nose from P... never mind.

July 15 (Reuters) - NASA and Russia's space agency Roscosmos have signed a long-sought agreement to integrate flights to the International Space Station, allowing Russian cosmonauts to fly on U.S.-made spacecraft in exchange for American astronauts being able to ride on Russia's Soyuz, the agencies said Friday.

"The agreement is in the interests of Russia and the United States and will promote the development of cooperation within the framework of the ISS program," Roscosmos said in a statement, adding it will facilitate the "exploration of outer space for peaceful purposes."

Well...not sure what to think about this. Obviously, Borisov is far more knowledgeable and sane person than clown Rogozin, but the system, in itself, is the same. And the amount of time, till 2025, is very limited, while the political and economical situation inside our country will be characterised as pretty turbulent and almost unpredictable, in the forthcoming years.

Is this another empty threat or are they serious this time ? I wonder if this permanent rupture with the West could push Russia's space program into a new era of deeper cooperation with China. Both countries have similar goals, one being the construction of a large space station, as well as long term plans for human missions beyond LEO.

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Well...not sure what to think about this. Obviously, Borisov is far more knowledgeable and sane person than clown Rogozin, but the system, in itself, is the same. And the amount of time, till 2025, is very limited, while the political and economical situation inside our country will be characterised as pretty turbulent and almost unpredictable, in the forthcoming years.
I would take this far, far more seriously to what has been said previously. The likelihood of it happening now is much higher.
What informed the pull out date? Are there rideshare/cargo contracts that still have to be fulfilled out to 2024 perhaps?
The Issue ROSCOSMO have is lack of Budget
Has Programs who are DECADES behind Schedule and other issue
Like the completions of unfinished Vostochny Cosmodrome or the Orel manned capsule

That New Space Station ROSS the Russian want after 2024
will be in 70° orbit around Earth
This has todo because they want to use Vostochny Cosmodrome for Soyuz and Orel flights
but since they don't have any equipment for save there crew in open sea landing (for 50° launch)
They switch to 70° to give crew land landing possibility in case of launch failure...

but like i wrote, they lack of money and Program delayed for decades
its quite doubtful they pull out ISS in 2024 and will come up with some excuses to keep station operational
while asking NASA for Money...
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About the new head of Roscosmos, looks pretty impressive:

Borisov Yuri Ivanovich (December 31, 1956, Vyshny Volochyok).

Since September 18, 2018 - Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Roscosmos State Corporation.
Since May 18, 2018 - Deputy Prime Minister of the Government of the Russian Federation for the Military-Industrial Complex. Dmitry Rogozina replaced in this post.
Since November 2012 - Deputy Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation (oversaw a large-scale re-equipment program and implementation of the state defense order).
Since March 2011 - First Deputy Chairman of the Military-Industrial Commission under the Government of the Russian Federation.
Since July 2008 - Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation (development of a strategy for the development of radio electronics and control of this FTP, curator of GLONASS development).
In 2004-2007 - Head of the Department of Radioelectronic Industry and Control Systems of the Federal Agency for Industry (Rosprom), since October 2007 - Deputy Head of Rosprom.
Since 1998 - General Director of STC "Module" (development of avionics, image recognition complexes and integrated circuits).
In 1978-1998 - officer service in the Armed Forces of the USSR and Russia.

Biography, education:
In 1974 he graduated from the Kalinin Suvorov Military School.
In 1978 - Pushkin Higher Command School of Air Defense Radio Electronics.
In 1985, he graduated from the Faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics of Moscow State University. Lomonosov.

Full State Counselor of Russia first class.
Doctor of Technical Sciences, Head of the Department of Electronics of NRNU MEPhI since 2012
Member of the Board of Directors of Uralvagonzavod, KTRV and UAC.
Laureate of the Marshal Zhukov State Prize (for the development and creation of the lead nuclear submarine cruiser of project 955 "Borey").

Married, two adult sons.
From ->
The two satellites had a relatively close flyby on August 4. I did a post-encounter analysis based on orbits from before and after the flyby, to assess the time and the distance of the flyby.

I find that the close flyby happened near 14:16:27 UTC (August 4, 2022), give or take a few seconds, at a nominal distance of ~67 km. Most of that distance (about 64 km) is in altitude.

The flyby happened in daylight near 42.3 N, 25.9 W, over the mid-Atlantic, while both objects were southbound. USA 326 was at an altitude of about 518 km at that time, and Kosdmos 2558 at an altitude of about 453km.
Russia reveals a model of their own Space Station ROSS (what ever they call it next week)


let me see what needed ?

1. What rocket will be used: Angara or Irtysh ? (what ever they call it next week)
2. Building it's Launch Pad in Vostochny (or at Baikonur once russia conquer Kazakhstan)
3. order who to build modules ? (Team who pay biggest bribe to ROSCOSMO)
4. will Soyuz or Orel (what ever they call it next week) fly to station ?
5. were comes the money for those program ? (spoils of war ? Online gambling ? Nuclear blackmail NATO ?)
Kosmos-2558 continues to make flybys of USA 326 at distances of 60 to 80 km every five days. Over the past week it has been making small changes to its orbital inclination to make sure that its orbital plane doesn't drift too far away from that of USA 326. See the latest update from Marco Langbroek:

If Kosmos-2558 sticks to the same mission profile as its predecessors Kosmos-2519 and 2542, it should release a small subsatellite in the not too distant future. This could potentially make even closer passes to USA 326. And if the subsatellite repeats the mission of its predecessors Kosmos-2521 and 2543, it should in turn fire what the Pentagon has described as a "high-speed projectile" and interprets as an ASAT weapon. No doubt the Pentagon is watching this mission with more than casual interest...

Earlier related story from the 21st of September:

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