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27 September 2006
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With the publication of the Hypersonics, Rockets and Missiles Secret Projects we can now see the shapes of the missiles that the Royal Navy would have had for its large cruiser or cruiser/carrier project in the early 60s.

Unfortunately there seem to be no info on the type of launcher that might have been used. Presumable given the similarity of the US Typhon missile, a launcher of this kind would have been developed for British ships?

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This would not have been an easily pursued option: It would have required hard currency, a scarce commodity at the time. It is an open question whether or not MDAP between the USA and the UK would have covered it. National internal politics also would have made this difficult (Not made her?) as it has continued to.

Friedman's Postwar Naval Revolution has a simple side elevation/internal general arrangement drawing for such a conversion. If you don't have this book, PM me and I'll see what I can do for you.

If you don't have this book I strongly recommend it. It's focus is from 1945-1955 with the RN being very well covered.

Friedmans new british cruisers book pps 313-4 helps on blue envoy and seaslug. Launchers would be non traversing rails..5 side by side with 10 to 30 reloads in the seaslug hangar
Re: Seaslug substitutes

In 1949 US offered Convair RIM-2D Terrier vice Seaslug; rejected, July,51, as adoption “would have a bad effect on UK GW industry” S.R.Twigge, Early Devt.of GW in UK, Harwood, 1993,P.164 plus uncertainty US “would supply” E.J.Grove,Vanguard to Trident, Bodley Head,1987,P121.

1956: USN Bendix RIM-8G Talos was offered; declined, Nassau, Mar.,57 as unsuited for RN ships, and “given the desire not to be dependent on foreign supplies” Grove,P121. Rejected again 1958 in hope inolfactive Slug would find the scent G.Hartcup,The Silent Revolution, Br’ssey,93,P252.

AWA/Whitley lived off Seaslug - 4 ships with 1 twin Mk.1 fire-unit, ’62-88; 4 then had Mk.2. Grove,P286. This was not manufacturing, but 30 years’ sculpture.
Sealord my interest here was (too) narrowly on the appearance for modelling and illustrating .(shipbucket). As .F explains blue envoy was only briefly looked at. But that makes this bit of info so useful for whatiffing!
Might the reason for declining near-free Terrier or Talos be Blue Slug nuclear-armed SSM, tootled from 1955 till chop, 1962? MoA ignored this very public criticism of the SAM: “effective financial control was exercised at no stage (A) completely sorry story” 1959/60 Commons Public Accounts Committee (S.R.Twigge,Early Devt of GW in UK ’40-60,H’wood,93,P225). That would explain the feebleness of (my previous post) Twigge/Grove reported excuses.
Surely Blue Envoy was never considered for the Navy? it would have been far too big, for a start.
County DDG

My notes have: "RN hoped to fit the SAM aft/Blue Slug SSM forward; 48 Seaslug 2/Blue Slug were planned in 1955 to be in service by end-1960 with nuclear warheads". This is (in part) R.Moore/Illusion,P.128, in turn referenced to D.Brown/G.Moore/Rebuilding,P.37 (which I have not seen). How does this fit with actual County dates/quantities?
I see. Well as we don't kbow the missile dimensions but it looks rather big, I expect something similar that was used for the Regulus I and II:
I'd think the launcher would look pretty similar to the Bloodhound launcher in layout, obviously it would need a bit of navalisation to keep the delicate bits dry.
I would say so, especially if there is horizontal loading (and with a 5m span wing I can't see any alternative to that!).
Found this russian site showing a model of the Stage 1 3/4 - Blue Envoy missile as well as a low quality drawing:


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