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2 October 2009
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overscan said:
Shawn, users normally have to make 3 posts to "unlock" the ability to post pictures. I have unlocked you manually, so you can now post images - where it says "Attach" below the text area, click "browse" and choose the picture you want. The picture has to be 1mb or smaller in size. Click "more attachments" to add extra images, up to 8.

This feature was introduced to stop hackers from exploiting a flaw in a previous version of the forum software that allowed hacking into the forum by uploading a special malicious JPG picture containing code. I have kept it like this as a security measure.

Sorry I have been busy lately and not able to get back to you, however I hope you enjoy this image of Republic Aviation's SD-3 "Snooper" Drone from 1959. I think this may be the first color image of this drone out there as all I could find was a b&w photo of it in my Google image search. I have over 5,000 ft 16mm film of this drone with plenty of amazing footage of it from roll out to test firing.


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Here are a few more pics of the SD-3 from "roll out" day:


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I just scanned an image of this design (turns out to be one of the images from the link Overscan posted) from a 1958 aviation yearbook but had not done any search on it. Thanks!

Enjoy the Day! Mark

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