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4 June 2006
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According to Bill Gunston, 'Roy Chadwick wanted to put four Nenes in a Lancaster which would have been almost immune to intercption or flak'.

Anyone seen the expected performance for this?

Any other WW2 bombers suggested for conversion to jet power?
The News from "east front". In 1945 in OKB Kazan factory №22 headed by V.MYASISCHEV's were winnowed work on making the jet midwing plane on base Pe-2 I.
Year :1945 Februar
engine :2xJumo 004
max speed :700 km/h (800 km/h an altitude of 5km)
service ceiling:11000m
range: 1550km
armament :1x20mm ShVAK + 1x12,7mm/1500kg bombs
altern. fighter :2x20mm or 2x37mm
weights :loaded 9450kg (max 10400kg)
empty 5450kg
(Авиация - Космонавтика №19 1996)


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In the discussion of turboprop conversions, boxkite mentioned that there was also a Messerschmitt Me 264 jet project (4 x BMW 801s replaced by 4 x Jumo 004C or 2 x 3,500 kp BMW 018s).

"Die deutsche Luftrüstung 1933-45" by Nowarra, vol 3, page 234 (ISBN 3763754679)
I've seen a drawing of a B-47 forerunner, IIRC, essentially a B-29 with a set of 2 jets under each wing, podded similarly to those on Convairs B-46. ISTR it also had a pointed nose & B-47-like canopy. I guess that makes it a B-29 conversion.
I know that the Tupolev Tu-2 was used as the basis of the Tu-12 prototype jet bomber by replacing the piston engines with the Nene turbojets.
A few years back, we compiled two threads about piston-to-turboprop conversions and prop to jet conversions - all post World War 2.

The Chase/Fairchild C-123 transport won having flown initially as an assault glider but most of the production had a pair of piston engines. Most were retrofitted with jet booster engines. A prototype was proposed with turboprop engines and at least one flew as a pure jet!

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