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27 December 2005
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In a recent exercise, allegedly the IRIAF test fired some "Sky Hawk" (Sedjil) missiles.

In 1984, low stocks of AIM-54 Phoenix for the IRIAF F-14 fleet prompted a program "Long Fang" to source an alternative long range AAM on the black market. This led to Project "Sky Hawk" being launched to adapt the MIM-23B "Improved Hawk" SAM to an AAM to be fitted to the wing glove pylons.

Lots of technical difficulties were found, and assistance was clandestinely obtained from Israeli technicians who had previously worked on adapting the Standard ARM to a long range AAM to combat the MiG-25 (Distant Thunder/Distant Reach). It is thought that difficulties were found getting the seeker to lock on to the AWG-9 signals, and the solution was marginal at best.

Tests ensued in 1986. Recently released images appear to be from this time, and not be recent. However, it is known that some Sedjil missiles remained in IRIAF stockpiles and testing resumed in the 1990s.


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Have they even started their low rate production of AIM-54 equivalents? If so, why would they require this?
Another project that involved the MIM-23 HAWK or at least some part of it, was the unguided bomb Yasser, (Project Yasser??). The project was to set up to use the General purpose bombs ( 2000 lb in IRIAF documents) warhead and mount it on the lower section of the Hawk missile. The project was tested on IRIAF F-14A 3-6052.

The photos as watermarked were published by Former F-14A pilot "Mostafa Roustaie". According to him apart from the trials , the bomb was operationally used several times.



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Indeed the Yasser's connection to the HAWK has been speculated about for years..

However, those images make it pretty clear it wasn't based around a 2000lb bomb (the bomb is too small and is the wrong shape). Instead, these images seem to to confirm the long-held belief that the Yasser is based on the M117 750lb bomb (just as the Zoobin AGM was).

Thanks for the images!
Eagle 2009,

You are indeed right on the part that 750 lb m 117 was used for this project. (As you said speculated for years),however according to a friend of mine who has seen the the summary/ entirety of the program he mentioned that a 2000 lb was also tested.
I do not gurantee his words, therefore I am just forwarding what he said.

You are welcome. ;)

Roger that,

I could see the engineers wanting to try it with a 2000lb bomb but I suspect the solid-rocket motor of the MIM-23 wouldn't be sufficient to propel that heavy of a warhead for very far.

IMHO, the Yasser never made much sense. Sure, you've extended the range of a 750lb bomb but the accuracy would certainly be terrible and potentially unpredictable.

Yet, the Yasser makes an appearance almost every year on parade...Of all of Iran's munitions programs, it's an embarrassment and hardly worth showing off.
looks like a drop test to me. But hey i think it successfully separate from the aircraft without any dangerous instabilities.

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