Possible rival design to the BMPT?

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9 October 2009
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While looking for information on projected BMPT unit costs, I came across this (cached) article on the BMPT's supposed shortcomings which contained a rather strangely (to my mind) specific description of a alternative design to the BMPT:

Russian experts believe that, in order to eliminate the above defects and should learn from T-72 or T-90 tank manufacturing experience, adjust the main weapon system configuration. Specifically, you can use the AO-18 type 30 mm six automatic guns, can automatically adapt to combat module, ensure that double-row self-loading; assembly 2 PKT machine gun and two sets of AG-17 rocket launcher, the set of left and right sides; in combat module is equipped with 9 sets of rear anti-tank missile systems, launchers located in the central module, a little close to the tail turret; automatic guns, machine guns and rocket launchers and ammunition placed on the combat base module at the bottom of all the rotating belt Department; weapon system level pointing angle should be 360 degree, vertical angle of -5 and +75 degrees; only by the three-member crew, a captain, one aimed at hand, a driver.

adjusting the configuration of the weapon system fire more reasonable, to 2000 meters distance, using 30-mm automatic gun, assault, including tanks and other armored targets any, rate of fire of about 4000-5000 per minute hair ; able to combat the 4000 m distance, altitude 2000 meters below the low-flying subsonic aerial targets; destruction within 5,000 meters of enemy transport equipment, fire equipment and vital forces; use of effective anti-tank missiles within 5,000 meters armored targets. (Compiled: Shu-shan)


Just a paper napkin design, or someone trying to promote a pet project already in existence?

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