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17 August 2006
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only paragraph in picture are needed


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I try it

"some of new manover you can do with trust vectoring fighter"

"Autumn turn:
with Afterburner on, the plane nose is pull up to 70 degrees
the Plane slows down make sharp turn
by diving down the gain speed"

with Afterburner on, begun a turn by rolling the Plane
Simultaneously nose is pull up to 70 degrees
the plane slows down fast. with help of the vector trust
turns the nose in right position and the gain speed again"

"Helicopter gun attack:
in close turn the Plane shows its Nose to Enermie plane
an can use its weapons (One advantage of nose-pointing)"

almost like the Mig-29 Hammerhead manover in airshow.
in this case the Plane ill laid crosswise in flow, It will be much faster slower
as in case of Mig-29. with this manover you push a Hunter to overshooting.

A form of stall-turn, but here is extra with the brakes
Resistance from stall plane"

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