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Famous Russian technical illustrations have been translated into English, PDF.



I translated the famous Soviet and Russian technical illustrations into English and made a pilot album in PDF format. I have a lot of scanned pages from classic magazines and almanacs. I removed the original inscriptions and made inscriptions in English, or made English inscriptions on top of the original Russian. Illustrations of a large format are collected in an album in PDF format.

There are two parts in this album. Soviet classical technical illustration and Russian modern technical illustration. About 70 - 80 sheets. All translated into English. The first part: Soviet projects of nuclear trains, airship and aircraft; Soviet cars of the future, Underwater colonies, orbiting colonies, colonies on the moon and Venus, Gagarin ship Vostok, space sailboat, nuclear submarine, underwater tanker projects, ekranoplan projects, giant Soviet B-12 helicopter, American micro aircraft Bede, Soviet airplane Ruslan, Tu 144 and Concord, Soviet helicopters, a Soviet space communications ship, a Soviet underwater house and a catamaran, Soviet robot projects, a Soviet all-terrain vehicle, projects of floating cruise hotels, magnetoplans, projects of future cities and power stations Si, the Soviet dams. And much more. The second part. Russian illustrations before the millennium. Real Soviet ekranoplans, hydrofoils, hovercrafts, giant aircraft, projects of floating tanks, atomic experimental aircraft, early Soviet shuttles, the Soviet project of a flying submarine, German flying disks and more.

This is the first album in the world of the classic Soviet and Russian technical illustrations in English.

I can make four other albums in PDF. Classical American technical illustration, Classical English technical illustration, Classical technical illustration of astronautics, History of Soviet transport .

The album price is 40 euros.

I can send this electronic album to you on the mail box. Write to me on my mail: pavelcotusya@mail.ru.

I wait for your letters until the middle of June.

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