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14 January 2007
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Hi all swedish speakers....

Please translate this page:

Machine trasnslated:

Lennart Hemminger born January 1, 1915 in big Slågarp, dead December 27, 2000, be a Swede flygplanskonstruktör and sail aviators.

Hemmingers interests for air transports basis are placed when Charles's Lindberg flew over the Atlantic 1927. After that he acquired Uppfinnarnas book designed he its first bee aeroplanes LH-1 that since did not come that built. When he might see Douglas Hamiltons ad about the the new sail air transport school wide Hammar's backs 1929 borrowed he herself is traveled bike and biked they ten milen from Höör to Hammar's backs, when he well where assumed as pupil, he biked home same evening. 1930 took he glidflygardiplomen A and B, while C-diplomet came first 1931 with Willy Pelzner as teachers. Already same year might he the confidence to last sail air transport teachers the wide air transport school. Along with Pelzner was he with as assistant and a designed majority sails and engine air transport flat. Latter after that both Pelzner and Hamilton left the air transport school wide Hammar's backs became he both air transport teachers and air transport manager, until the school to be placed down 1937.

During gymnasietiden ran he a group cooperation against konstruerandet of the aeroplanes LH-2 and LH-17 concurrent as he on own hand developed konstruktionerna LH-18 and LH-21.

After student exam applied for he in as reserve officer in the air force, he might himself militära air transport education on Ljungbyhed. He took farewells from the air force 1935 in order to study flygteknink on the technical college in Stockholm, (he comes 1955 that komlettera the education with production technology).

After completed studies, he was employed first at Flygförvaltningens aeroplane agency pursues to be responsible for the sail air transport within the air force and as control manager and sample aviator off the air force's sail air transport materials. He submitted the air force for a service that structure manager wide Ltd aeroplanes in Norrköping, where he was responsible for production and sample flight off Grunau baby and Kranich. On your spare time, he designed LH-22 baby the hawk that came that series producing off Kockums aeronautics industry and the aeroplanes LH-23 and LH-24. When Ltd aeroplanes ceased with their activity became he manager for Nordaero in Norrköping, when since that company was bought up of Saab Ltd changed he workplace to Motala workshop.
Or if you actually speaks swedish it translates like this ;).

Lennart Hemminger, born January 1 1915, dead December 27 2000, were a Swedish airplane designer and glider pilot.
Hemmingers interest in aironautics started with Charles Lindbergh solo-flight over the Atlantic in 1927. He bought the book “Uppfinnarnas bok” ( “Book of inventers”) and designed his first bi-plane, the LH-1 (it was never built). When he read Douglas Hamiltons ad for the new flying school at Hammars backer in 1929 he borrowed his fathers bicycle and rode the 100 km from Höör to Hammars backar and signed up, and then rode back. All in one day! 1930 he had his glider pilot diploma “A” and “B”. 1931 his got his “C” diploma with Willy Pelzner as a teacher. Already the same year he worked as an instructor at the flying school. Together with Pelzner he assited in the design of a number of gliders and motor powererd airplanes. When both Pelzner and Hamilton left the flying school at Hammars backer, Hemminger took over both as a techer and manager until the school was closed in 1937.
During his college year he collaborated in the design of the airplanes LH-2 and LH-17 and at the same time worked by himself on LH-18 and LH-21.
After he finished his university studies he applied for a reservist post in the Swedish airforce (Flygvapnet) and he got his military pilot training at Ljungbyhed. He resigned from the Swedish air force in 1935 to further his studies in airplane design at the Royal Institute of Technologies in Stockholm (in 1955 he was back to study Production Engineering).
After he finished his studies he was hired by the ”Aircraft bureau" of the Swedish Aitforce as responsible for gliders within the airforce, quality manager and testpilot for gliders. Later he left and joined AB Flygplan ( Airplane Inc,) in Norrköping as head of design, he was responsible for the manufacturing of the Grunay Baby and Kranich. In his spare time he designed the LH-22 Baby Falken (Falcon) which eventually was manufactured by Kockums Flygindustrier (Kockums Airplaneindustries in Malmö), and LH-23 and LH-24. When AB Flygplan closed he became manager for Nordaero in Norrköping. When Nordaero was eventually bought by Saab AB he moved to Motala Verkstad ("Motala Heavy Industries" in Motala).

The original text is not very well written, so the translation is a bit "squarish"...
This is the very first time I write something on this forum. And now I hope to get some help to find more information about Hemminger's designs as mentioned in the text provided by jlofling in 2009: LH-1, LH-2, LH-17, LH-21, LH-23 and LH-24. Only about the LH-22 I could find information.
Also I am looking forward for more information about Willy Pelzner's time in Sweden. I know he lived there for 12 years and ran a flying school with James Douglas Hamilton. Also in that period he managed to design and build several glider and motorized aircraft. As Pelzner designs I know the names Hänge Gleiter, a flying wing design and Simplex Sitzgleiter (all built in Germany before he went to Sweden) and the P 1, P 2, P4, P 70, P 158HII (with Hamilton), Göken and with Hemminger the TP 171 biplane. I will be very glad to get more information about all these designs.

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