Piff-Paff, Spaniel and SAM's


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4 June 2006
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In BSP: Hypersonics, Ramjets and Missiles it points out that PAAMS 'uses a control system called Piff-Paff, where rocket motors mounted on the flanks of the missile provide the turning force, which is not dissimilar to that used on the Continued Thrust Spaniel of 9141.'

What other missiles has Piff-Paff/Continued Thrust been suggested for since Spaniel?
I think Chris Gibson is repeating a common mistake - the PIF component of PIF-PAF (Pilotage induit en force—Pilotage aérodynamique en force) refers to TVC using gymballed nozzles on the booster (for rapid turn over) and lateral thruster on the dart (for translation movement in the teminal phase). PAF, of course, is provided by the fins. The need for the translation ability is due to ASTERs method of diving on a sea-skimming target, which greatly increases the crossing speed. Spaniel, however, used the thrust to create a turning force. AIUI, the battery of small motors on the forward end of PAC-3 missiles is used in the same way - to cause pitch and yaw movement.

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