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Jul 19, 2016
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`G'day folks,
I have had a pet project for a lot of years now and am trying to create the kind of lash up vehicles that might have come about in the closing days of NAZI Gremany. I am fully aware that there is little here other than what I would class as technical curiosity.

The vehicle chassis I am looking at basing these on are reasonably well known even if there is little evidence of either being close enough to reality to be close to actually seeing combat. they are the E-25 and the Jagdpanzer 38D. I am allowing a fair degree of latitude as far as fitting out the vehicles themselves as I am, taking obvious liberties with the timeline. The question I have posed myself is thus. What COULD have been fitted in an attempt to at least throw a few more armoured gun carriages into holding the Russians back for a little while longer to allow for more of Germany to be occupied by the western allies. Is it possible that there is a source or sources for diagrams of the various tank guns available including the experimental low pressure systems that were in the testing system somewhere? I am also looking for some diagrams of the Tatra 103 V12 engine that would have gone into the 38D. These engines were around for a considerable time post war in large HGV so I am reasonably sure they existed.

I have a few diagrams of the engine and transmission of the E-25 which will, when I can actually work out what I am looking at, give me that system but I am still just feeling my way around just what would be realistic and hoping not to go too far into the realms of the hopelessly bloody impossible. There is a lot of latitude in the short brief I have allocated so if it is possible I would appreciate some assistance with details of the above. If possible perhaps folk can critique my results.

I have no book to write like some of the August member of this forum and no profit to make, I just do this to keep my mind busy and hopefully learn something along the way. Thanks for taking the time for this missive.

Best to you all for the end of this year and on into 2020, I hope we can all find things a bit more peaceful and that we can all be happy while they are.


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