NATO vs Warsaw Pact naval war book recommendations


Donald McKelvy
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14 August 2009
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I was wondering if board members had book or paper recommendations of what a sea campaign between NATO and the Warsaw Pact might look like? Information on the strategy and tactics of the US Navy for example. Preferably, the second Cold War during the Thatcher and Reagan years of the 1980s.

I have read Tom Clancy's Red Storm Rising which I understand started out as a naval campaign devised by Tom Clancy and Larry Bond for the Harpoon war game. The Jane's Fighting Ships, Combat Fleets of the World, The Naval Institute Guide to Ships and Aircraft of the US Fleet, The Naval Institute Guide to the Soviet Navy, and Soviet Military Power still exist from this period. Are there any recommended books and papers that describe how this sea power would be used? Possible fleet tactics of the period? Published war game scenarios?
This is a very illustrated guide with info about tactics and technology from the 80's Cold War period. Neither an authoritative nor a comprehensive book like those you mentioned but an easy reading and you can get a copy for few dolars:

A companion book is Modern Submarine Warfare by David Miller and John Jordan.


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I'd suggest you go here...

and look at documents 16, 19, 20, 30 and 33.

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