warsaw pact

  1. Dynoman

    Soviet Air Combat Tactics in the Cold War

    I've read numerous books on Cold War histories, which included mention of Soviet air combat tactics, however I've not found one source that described the various air-to-air or air-to-ground tactics that the Soviets employed during the Cold War (either the USSR or their Warsaw Pact allies). This...
  2. hesham

    VZLU Aircraft List

    Hi, the VZLU (Výzkumný a zkušební letecký ústav) or Czech Aerospace Research Centre was formed in 1922,as a military aeronautical research institute,later I will talk about its aircraft and Projects.
  3. redstar72

    Postwar Letov projects

    Here are some pictures of postwar Letov designs I described at http://www.secretprojects.co.uk/forum/index.php/topic,5788.msg87405.html#msg87405. All from Nĕmeček's book.
  4. J

    Tadeusz Soltyk

    Who has any materials information concerning Soltyk experimental/projects. From his LWD period: Szpak, Junak, , Zak, Zuch, Mis and Zuraw and later with the TS prefix: TS-7 Chwat, TS-15 Fregata, TS-17 Pelikan, TS-16 Grot and also other not mentioned experimental/projects. If you have any...
  5. cluttonfred

    Land-based hovercraft

    The "hovertank" is a staple of science fiction novels and board games, yet in the real world fans and skirts never seem to have supplanted wheels or tracks. Does anyone have any projects or prototypes to share on proposed land-based hovercraft? Cheers, Matthew
  6. Matej

    Czech Aero aircraft and projects

    Aero B-34 - attack aircraft proposed in 1958 as Il-10 replacement. It was powered by one RD-9 engine without afterburner rated at 29 kN. Weapons consisted of two 23 mm canons NR-23, unguided bombs or unusual solutions like 80 unguided rockets (55mm LR-55) in two rounded receptacles around...
  7. Matej

    Czechoslovakian helicopters, Prototypes & Projects

    Interesting projects from czech archives. In secod half of the 50s Ing. Jaroslav Schlechta started to materialize his idea about militarized version of light utility helicopter HC-3. First was HC-3A (OK-VZB) with M 360 RF engine (rebulit soviet AI 14 VF - 221 kW). It had on every side rocket...