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What happened to the books?


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Jan 2, 2006
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I know many of us grew up in the 60/70/80's in the eight of the cold war and as a result we had what could now be called a glut of reading material on NATO and Warsaw Pact forces, then the cold war effectively thawed for a while and we got access to direct sources which has led to a lot of interesting works on Soviet and Russian Aviation which has been great.

However the same does not appear to have happened with the Russian Navy, we had books by John E Moore, John Jordan and Norman Polmar with in depth guides to the Soviet Navy but nothing new has appeared in the West since the early 90's. I know the Russian Navy really suffered during the 90s and early 00's but they have started to get back in gear and renewing their navy, and we know from Russian source there were a lot of interesting Cold War projects that failed to materialise yet there is nothing out there or on the radar as far as I can tell.

I suspect the situation is similar with the Red Army although there appears to have been quite a bit on the actual Tank types there's no definitive reference either.