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12 July 2006
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I believe there was a second use of the designation M-25 as a project of the Myasishchev OKB, probably created in the 1970s.

Any confirmation for this assumption? Flateric? Jozef?
Thomas - digged through Myasishchev encyclopedia - all 4 volumes - no sign of...
You are true, unique planes secret to March 2006 what I know. I rendered five versions but still I don't know if materials on these planes were printed out in "Our wings" from AvikoPress. I'm waiting for it, too
Our Wings? Or Wings Of Motherland (Krylya Rodiny - Крылья Родины)?
Our Wings = Nasi Krylja. I received some issues but I really don't know if is it possible to order or to buy it. Try to ask on AvikoPress
Courtesy to Konstantin Udalov had a look at drawings and glamorous Josef Gatial renderings of the beast that really existed in paper form - so far I've seen four iterations, and each is weirder than another (OK, one is the weirdest of all). Now I know what means the phrase 'made for Chinese' and have confirmed rumors heard by me in the beginning of 90s about testing exposure of poor sheep dressed in overcoats, to high-speed sonic boom from aircraft flying at extremely low altitude. Very unusual and interesting looking projects. To my sorrow, that's all I can disclose so far.

Nashi Krylya is a kind of supplement to 10-volume Myasichev encyclopedia, 30-40 pages dedicated to another of 72 additional Mya projects that were declassified or found since encyclopedia was published (you will be surprised, but there were 3 editions already). Even Konstantin has not all of ~30 volumes published so far with a run of about 500 copies per volume. So that I can't get my hands over it.
Is it at least possible to see Jozef's (preliminary?) artwork for this aircraft in 'PlanesPictures' soon? There's already a tantalizing indirect glimpse of same in the Mirage MZ1-46Q topic. Thanks.
Server is overwhelmed with number of requests...
Yes, we have had to wait a little while & somewhat impatiently for the Avico site to expand. (May it continue to do so.) Many thanks to Mr. Udalov and Mr. Gatial.
Some hints of what is there - M-25, project of low altitude infantry killer - via shock wave, while flying supersonic 30-50 meters above the enemy troops.
Project was cancelled in 1973 after it became clear that Chinese government understood that attempts to disturb big bear can be dangerous, and finally declassified this year.
Full fascinating story of the M-25 is a subject of upcoming Nashi Krilya almanac after Avico-Press staff will work out system of payments charge. Full range of almanacs will be available soon for orders (at least it was promised so), including all backissues.
Drawings (c) Josef Gatial/V.Pogodin/Avico-Press


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Nothing more to say than: really 'hot wings'. Jozef, thanks for your arts :) .
Beautiful, beautiful work Jozef.

Some of those designs are quite interesting. I just hope we all
get to see some larger renderings....or even a nice sized three-
view or two. ;)

Most of the designs I do not even remember seeing referenced
(pictured) in the Soviet Secret Projects book on bombers....or
perhaps my memory is faulty....guess I should check before
posting, eh? :p

Cheers all!
This is first time ever you have an ability to see them.
That plane on picture is signed as stealth Mig. I asked sometimes Mr. Udalov on this plane and he knew that man that painted this picture probably as pure fantasy. But maybe it was really in deep background some project from Mikoyan DB and it was near to M-25-1 design as its competitor as stealth technologie project. More infos or ideas?


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Josef, I truly believe that this is pure what-if fantazy from the early 90-s, not alike that MiG-2000 aircraft.
From the aerodynamic and RCS lowering point of view it has several obvious shorthages, let's start from the serrated-edge intakes being so close to the leading edge. Moreover, MiG was never a player in heavy strike / bomber field.
Interesting design concepts. The one with the T-tail looks like something that Captain Scarlet might have flown. ;)
Looks very interesting. Tried to go to the avicopress link but they required an account. I applied but have not heard anything. Anyway to get an account?

Love all the work in this section
Dear Mr.WRX15!
What's the problem to registrate in
It is very easy and some hundreds of visitors have done it without problem.
I registered a week ago but the site still won't let me log in. I have cookies enabled so that shouldn't be the problem. Any suggestions? I'd really like to see what's more in there.
A further note, should I have received an e-mail when the account is accepted? Or should it just start working without any special notices?
I'm waiting for a confirmation e-mail too! The website said my application would be reviewed and I would be notified.
I tried registering again and after a while was able to log in and view all pages without any e-mails. Probably there was just a registration glitch somewhere last week.
My God, world is so small. On Renderosity website I want to present mainly my surreal artworks. Those few plane pictures are only start points to present my all art interest and they are modified mainly for Renderosity website.
Amazing!! Thanks a lot borovik-san. :D
Fantastic,many thanks to you my dear Borovik.
What is the last variant? I don't know. I have done five versions and numbers 01 to 05 were only my internal numbers


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