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16 May 2014
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Hello friends of the forum and especially this issue, while I am a member of the same although I have not participated even when used, observe one of my modifications and I read on the subject that my work is of a fan the "Cutaways" and the same are false, always place that are "free interpretations" made with the available information, the recess in order to give an identity to the hundreds of projects that lack a modest cutaway, remind them that during the "Cold War" all the work I saw hundreds of publications were false, to be performed without the data, which obviously no example had the Cutaway of the Tu-16 Badger still remains highly inaccurate, I invite you to visit the Argentina Forum where I write "" in the subject modestly development there, "Cutaways, Cortes Aircraft Schematics", leave the link for those who may care to visit and see hundreds of works of many artists and and some modest modifications I made original models that lacked a drawing "Cutaway".

Greetings from Maracay, Venezuela Motocar

P. D. Here not arrive or sell aviation publications most prestigious in the world.
Welcome aboard Motocar,

I really love the cutaway for aircraft,and I agree with you,that work is very little and sometimes
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Thanks Mr. hesman for your comment, only you tell me please the cutaways that I do are with the available data, to locate a rib wing or a beam depends on seeing a photo (sometimes blurry) rivets and imagine what is underneath, is not easy but at least I try, opened forum where the topic there are over 2,450 more post and 1,250,000 visits from all over the world, including members of this forum.
Again greetings ygracias you for your words. Motocar

hesham said:

also from LA FANA June 2010,Messerschmitt HA-300 origins and P.300.

I am Motocar (my avatar) hits the fan "false Cutaways" I never claimed to be a professional and it is important to note that they always say "Free Interpretation" or "provisional Interpretation" a lack of data, are made in the best attempt to give a vision so many interesting aircraft lacking a "Court Schematic" to what or modify existing work performed from scratch, I will tell you that even great artists have speculated cutaway at some point in their papers published in prestigious magazines and books, such as single cutaway there Tupolev Tu-16 is clearly only a general provision, or the MiG-21,23,25 .... initials were later greatly improved with excellent work Mike Badrocke , Weal and others on this forum visited from all over the world including you and modestly has over 1,260,000 views as of today, and many are seen in many web, Forums and Blogs, whenever I can visit your forum that I think is very good and I've even taken some cuts of it, I hope I have given to you my point of view.

Greetings from Maracay, Venezuela Motocar

P. D. I hope to share with you some of my modest work
Cutaway FMA IA-60, this project I learned recently reading "Military Zone Publications" in this forum's "FMA IA-60, the step prior to Pampa", which has motivated me make a modest modification cutaway the IA-58 Pucara project to recreate this light attack trainer aircraft at the request of a forista speculation he wanted to see a version of the same car I took the liberty of doing it, tweaking the cockpit area by removing the front seat, a few days ago I did a pre-release on that topic here now bring the same and more advanced, and modified by author Aviagraphica Motocar, renders accompanying cuts are : Leandro 88 and roberdigiorge profiles. link original Forum:

P. D. Sorry for my poor English


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FMA IA-63 Cutaway, monoplace modified based on a work of signing and retouched by friend roberdigiorge which use as a base to recreate this nonexistent version of the Argentine coach, magnifying the image you put an Italian radar and a decision on Flir of air, armed with the weapons shown in the version of the photo (retouched) accompanying this schematic section, which includes multiple launch rockets, bombs, laser-guided, free-fall bombs, cannon and missiles for self-defense AIM-9L Sidewinder that if only 4 hard points. Amended by Motocar


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Motocar, is this your art work showing the "Mirage IIIEAR modernisation"?
Is it based on a real project or a proposal to the Fuerza Aerea Argentina?


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I made ​​a modification based on the Mirage IIIE, to recreate the Mirage IIIB, IIIC and IIING I be wanting the Atlas Chetah of South Africa and this version that I ignored, I actually think the Mirage III in Argentina and met their hours and go out but it would be interesting to do a schematic cut those shaped tanks or CFT, but would require more data ....? Also existed in 1987 a project for the Boeing Phantom II, the "Super Phantom" with Pratt & Whitney IAI Lavi and CFT



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CutawayMikoyan Gurevich MiG 1 44 MFI, free interpretation of MFI failed project of the former Soviet Union, who suffered multiple delays and the fall of the USSR, languishing in a warehouse until its presentation in January 1999 and performing a short flight a month plus later today oxide accumulates outdoors in Zukowski airport near Moscow, recreation made ​​by starting from a modified to recreate the MFI MiG 1 44



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Cutaway Douglas F6D "Missiler" the fighter fleet defense that would intercept aircraft and missiles at very long distances before they were about American aircraft carrier groups, the design of straight wings and sub​​-sonic speed made chiefs of armed see him obsolete and definitively dismissed for supersonic fighters with benefits (That was the trend in those years) but it represented a perfectly valid solution for long patrols away from the aircraft carrier itself, with a large radar and 6 very long-range missiles "Eagle" under his wing, was projected to take 2 missiles under its widebody more without having to engage in aerial combat evolving, functioning as a heavy interceptor, author Mike Badrocke and modified by Motocar to recreate this game ship in a free interpretation



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Cutaway Upgrade Mirage III EAR CFT, a free interpretation of Old Delta Dassault as already happened with other fighters, the most successful example of the MiG-21 upgrade. updated with an AESA radar avionics in an elongated nose, interchangeable with other Elta radar equipped with a shorter range but with other equipment, windshield without reinforcements and before this a passive infrared sensor, more modern ejection seat Martin Baker MK type 14, glass cabinet knobs and type "HOTAS" probe re-supply in the air, stretched fuselage in front of the engine next to the shaped tanks increase fuel capacity, this thanks to the new engine achievement RD-33 turbofan 1.4 is shorter, lighter, powerful and more efficient mts, would use flight control system "Fly by wife" makes unnecessary the "canard" on the air intakes, the most complete arsenal with increased capabilities, incorporating air-to-air missiles and guided weapons Russians (smart) free fall, author M. Badrocke Motocar modified


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Schematic Court Beriev Be-103 amphibious twin engine the Russian plane, whose most striking feature is the low position of the wing, this goes some way to its low landing speed due to the effect resulting soil "WIG" retouched image to join , align and clean both halves of the original drawing, and retouching by author illegible Motocar



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Cutaway MiG-25 Mikoyan Gurevich BST or "Business Supersonic Transport", designed in the early seventies as Executive Jet Supersonic, which collided head-on with the socialist ideology and therefore was considered a luxury and that this would send a negative message , however it is still a great curiosity, there is little information on it, so I relied on only three shots to make this recreation of MiG-25 BST, speculate beyond the obvious that would be lighter though the increase in overall dimensions, to remove the heavy radar and other sub-systems, ejection seats, hard spots and fire control systems, long cabin would be equipped to transport a group of Soviet bureaucrats quickly to their destinations, among the most visible changes have a lower wing surface and more arrow, drifts smaller and smaller total area, its main undercarriage bogie has four wheels like seen later in the MiG-31, its nose gear also smaller and lighter, has a higher fuel capacity and greater range, speed could be higher with lower fuel consumption precisely this product would have lengthened the fuselage, remains the air intakes and engines would be the apparently same type fitted to the MiG-25 fighter the Tumansky RD-15, author of the original design Mike Badrocke and modified by Motocar to recreate the schematic section "Cutaway" the MiG-25 BST, also accompanies a small retouched's profile same, uploaded with


Cutaway Convair F-106A to "Executive Jet SST" a proposal from Dennis R. Jenkins to get a very economical Executive Jet SST, for which would break a Convair F-106A fighter demilitarized removing heavy fire control radar and winning accommodation space for luggage, would retire from the trapezius holds weapons to launch Air-Air Missile, also added fuel tanks in the spaces remaining after the total removal of these systems, in this work the fuselage was lengthened slightly right between the cockpit and side shots air to accommodate a pressurized cabin with a gateway and three small windows each passenger side module proposed speculate with the use of a retractable stairway module under the floor of the passenger, added a small cross section to show interior layout and available space let me remove the auxiliary tanks to respect the original design used to guide the work of amendment, this provision reminds me that already used in the thirties by European and American designers like Norhtrop and Lockheed, in their mono-passenger engines, where the pilot was on top of an open cockpit initially and subsequently closed its passenger cabin only had room for 4 or 6 seats and considered airliners, original author Aviagraphica and modified by Motocar, uploaded forum using


Cutaway Convair Model 58-9 "Astrojet" U.S. firm proposal from early 1961 to create a supersonic airliner or SST in English, with capacity for 52 passengers and a speed of Mach 2.4 derived from the strategic bomber Convair B-58 Hustler, the company had extensive experience in the design and construction of supersonic delta-wing aircraft, their models of F-102 Delta Dagger and F-106 Delta Dart already operating with the USAF and the already mentioned B-58, SST project to build an aircraft based on the B-58, for which a new fuselage design long and narrow with 2 rows of 25 seats and now with horizontal tail surfaces, would be powered by four Pratt & Whitney J-58 (same as equipping the fantastic SR-71) but without afterburner which two were installed under the wings and two at the ends of his hang glider (arrangement very similar to that of other Soviet bomber the Myasishchev M-50 "Bounder ") its range would be 4,600 km or 2,900 miles, its maximum operating weight of 86,000 Kgs serious or 190,000 Lbs, raised the possibility of building three models with shorter fuselage, tail surfaces with different capabilities negative dihedral in the number of passengers over the possibility of a huge external fuel tank in the style of the B-58, no specimen was constructed, author Aviagraphica and modified by Motocar to recreate this project Convair SST and named a "Astrojet" in a free interpretation that makes use of much speculation especially graphics engine J-58 without afterburner than the server is unaware of its existence, the absence of more data of the same technical information taken from the Russian web


Craft Jet MJ-II Cutaway, an attempt to Aviation Traders a small company in Las Vegas to become a portion of the executive jet market, the idea was to take a T.115 DeHavilland Vampire and make it an executive jet from 4 to 5 places, after the conversion of the forward fuselage in a cabin with more equipment and comfort, something that had already been successful in converting some surplus aircraft of the Second World War, would have its gateway port with a pilot and five passengers which would have 6 small windows, the pilot would have a broad curved windshield plus two small side windows, would be powered by the reliable DH Derwent but this had a high consumption therefore its scope would be severely limited (something that also adolecieron Vampires) what to recommend to future incorporating auxiliary tanks in the ends of the flat or "Tip Tank" something speculate what this cutaway, kept the landing gear of the aircraft donor but the nose wheel was moved forward in the new fuselage and maintained the same pattern of shrinkage, this initiative was launched in 1969 with great publicity and constructed a I do not know if prototype flew, it languished in a Las Vegas airport from where they took some of the few photos showing damage to both drifts, shortly after its release it lost interest in the proposal and the financial support , were just some pictures and a plane built, original author Mike Badrocke and modified by Motocar amended by a proposal to recreate the cut free schematic Craft Jet MJ-II


Mikoyan Gurevich MiG Super Foxbat cutaway, this is very early artistic interpretation based on the reports provided by the defector Viktor Belenko to the CIA after his escape with a MiG-25A to the airport Hokkaido in Japan, author Ed Valigersky and taken from Popular Mechanics magazine article written by Murray Rubenstein in its English language edition July 1978 retouched by Motocar to unite and improve the missing parts illustration, uploaded to the forum with


General Dynamics/Grumman F-111B cutaway, the enormous fighter interceptor for defense of the group of battle of the big American aircraft carriers, designed departing from the system F-111A of the USAF, now a modern was radar Hughes of long scope for the control of shot of not fewer modern missiles AIM-54A of guided autonomous in the final phase, and the missiles AIM-9 Sidewinder, this plane was possessing probe of re-supply in flight for cone and probe of the standard type in the sea-coast and not the system of the USAF, also it was incorporating a sensor of infrared and Tv under the short knob (another pickpocket associated with the model to allow the rammer in the hangars of the aircraft carriers) even with all these advances did not continue being of the taste of the pilots of the navy that were wishing a plane mas modern and small, of these the great naval hunt would go out later Grumman F-14A and his versions improved (that left of side his problematically motive) same that was equipping the F-111B, a cabin had been planned for the definitive version a bit on raised by seats of ejection, a radome of radar mas widely, warehouse for two missiles Phoenix and a drift of major surface, supporting it if the original height, joined a robust hook for landing, plans that would not go on from the paper, author Mike Badrocke taken of the magazine Air International and modified by Motocar to recreate this version of the fighter interceptor naval F-111B, raised to the forum with


, the only model biplane built the famous Italian, with german engine Mercedes Benz a DB-601E engine of 1100 hp in the early forties, which enabled him to reach the 520 km / h speed limit unprecedented at the time, the Italians had great faith in biplanes and was preferred mount of many riders to the most modern mono-planes with enclosed cabs, it was not sustained and very few of the pictures that are taken , just me the only basis of which I know to recreate the schematic section of this game based on the work of author unidentified ] modified for Motocar "Cutaway" of FIAT CR. 42 DB-601E "Falco"


Lavochkin "152" Cutaway, second draft hunting Soviet firm, which sought to improve its performance compared to the first prototype built by Lavochkin jet 150, air intake which was head and forked around the cabin and then reach the reactor RD-10 copy of Jumo 004 was built by Klimov in rear fuselage culminating in a continuation of the same that had at its tail surfaces, their benefits were not very bright, had serious losses of efficiency in the air inlet, this was imputed to the length of the intake duct so that it was decided to construct a series of prototypes baptized 4 152, which would have a direct outlet reactor which would now located in front position, with a wing laminar profile, was armed with three guns of 23 mm Nudelman Suranov, two to starboard and one to port, full metal structure had tricycle landing gear fully retractable (unlike the Yak-17 only partially withdrew its nose wheel ) forward fuselage was more like a cask that made him look rather unattractive, first flew on December 5, 1946 but with all the changes included could not significantly improve performance barely reached 840 km / h before it crashed the prototype, then decided to develop a prototype with swept wings to harness the data obtained from studies of the Germans on that topic, developing the La-160 at 35 degrees surfaces arrow progressive, but that's another item for later, and modified by author WEAL Motocar to recreate in a free interpretation to Lavochkin 152, uploaded to the web with


Lavochkin, Gorbunov and Gudkov LaGG-3 Cutaway, this natural evolution of hunting LaGG-1 was best and most advanced with what the Soviets had at the beginning of the Nazi invasion during Operation "Barbarossa" to tithe in Soviet aviation ground, the engine had Klimov M-105P PD of only 1050 hp then increased to 1240 hp, its relatively light armament was counting with two 12.7 mm machine guns and two 7.62 mm light machine guns, had very short range but his speed in height was 575 km / h at ground level of 498, was despised by his opponents but by its pilots appreciated thanks to its strength despite being built mostly of plywood with wooden beams, with control surfaces fabric covered, this modest remotorizado soon be hunting with the M-82 radial engine but this change was to change the name of the design office to Lavochkin who succeeded in marrying the ancient adequately radial engine with a narrow fuselage designed for linear motor (Something similar happened with the Kawasaki Ki-61 and converting the proud Ki-100 radial engine) giving rise to the La-5 and then the much improved La-7, both fighters with superb maneuverability, though the former suffers from some aerodynamic problems are fixed in the-7, with the LaGG-3 Soviet pilots some got their first victories. by author WEAL and modified Motocar to recreate this game the LaGG-3, uploaded to the forum with


Bell P-63 King Cobra "Crazy Horse" cutaway Bell fighter modified to participate in organized racing aircraft has a recessed cockpit very low resistance, elimination of all weapons, ends trimmed wings to reduce its size and a complete overhaul of all things that affect the search speed and victory, Crazy Horse was the most radical modified P-63 modified by Larry Kingcobra never Haven "Race 90" cutting its wingspan to fly / run in category unlimited, exhibiting paintings lacked any natural aluminum finish unpolished, a four-bladed propeller, with a drift higher and the number 90 painted in black, many of the air races are run in Vegas USA, flying very low altitude and between poles that mark the course, in these involved many fighters of World War II highly modified to increase the performance of the same, some are turning to over-feeding and the use of nitrous oxide, methanol and other fuels soaring octane enabling them to achieve very high performance, others use very aerodynamic changes to reduce the strength of their machines, and the most daring change airfoils for a much thinner (As long as the rules permitted or belong to the same category) now a North American P-51 Mustang has the absolute speed record was previously held by a Grumman "Bearcat" very aerodynamically modified and over-powered engine, author by WEAL and modified Motocar to recreate this race plane "Crazy Horse ", uploaded to the web with




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Cutaway Yakovlev Yak-38U "Forger" training version VTOL fighter Soviet control to the complexities of this new type of aircraft it was necessary to build a training version of it, in the necessary changes increase the length of the fuselage in front to add a new cabin on a lower position for the student and a slightly higher with the instructor, who must train the candidate in the difficult capabilities of this newest machine, the engine was a LF21 Lyurka without afterburner and two nozzles vectorizables attached to two engines thrust to the rear to provide adequate buoyancy during takeoff and landing maneuvers, his short delta wings were folded and had four hard points between them, could carry air tanks or missiles auxiliary air initially the AA- Atoll and later two AA-8 Aphid, both infrared guidance, complemented with a small load of bombs or unguided rocket launchers attached to a container with a 23mm twin tube cañonGSh stops taques surface, these fighters were go on board the new ship class helicopter carrier class "Kiev", but large number of them operated from land bases during the tuning tests were deployed on ships above the Mediterranean theater against Libya where they were lacking in power for takeoff at maximum weight, the problem was that their engines did not react well to hot environments were also tested some in Afghanistan since the start of the invasion to try them in combat, again were unable to take off at maximum load for hot conditions and elevation, early reports the company took Yakovlev and improve deficiencies search engines which were not corrected with some very unorthodox solutions, unfortunately the fall of the Soviet Union the lack of capacity of the company in delivering spare parts and condemned them to a premature retirement, as happened with class helicopter carrier "Kiev" that were written off, (then one would be sold to India and become an aircraft carrier with ramp type "Sky Jump" and oblique track for takeoff and landing conventional fixed wing aircraft, previously discussed in the topic the Yak-38 but now it is in a modification with a larger format and recreating the version Yak-38U only VTOL fighter that entered service in addition to the already known Harrier original author Aviagraphica and modified by Motocar to recreate this machine, uploaded to


McDonnell F-101B / F "Voodoo" Cutaway, interceptor designed in 1954, proposed initially rejected by the USAF decided to buy more North American F-86D "Sabre" but revised the proposal to the possibility that the Convair F-102 did not meet the expectations placed on the interceptor delta, however once applied problems were immediate and the F-101A did not quite convince this from united engine problems and the inability to make turns with loads greater than 6 "G's "hunting again salvation came from the need for a long-range fighter cover remote areas where there was no ground radar coverage, it became necessary for the conversion of training seater versions fighters with radar operator located in the back seat between arms proposals were the AIM-4 "Falcon" with the exceptional and unique missile warhead AIR-2A "Genie" but fixed armament was removed four 20mm cannon, could also lead pumps a load of 2,000 pounds although this was not its main mission, new higher-capacity auxiliary tanks installed under the fuselage, with improved engines, was in service until the year 82 with the U.S. National Guard and the Canadian Air Force until 1986 when it was replaced by the McDonnell Douglas F-18A / B happened to fulfill the tasks of this interceptor that despite never entirely convincing their operators remained in service for a long period of over 25 years, author Aviagraphica , taken from the web crimso.msk, ru and modified by Motocar to recreate the McDonnell F-101B / F


Ilyushin Il-102 Cutaway, aircraft tank inspired by the old products of the company from the time of the Second World War Il-2, including obsolete conception tail gunner position in the fashion of the aforementioned model, making it a very interesting model and unorthodox today, preferred the Soviet aircraft Sukhoi Su-25, which entered service and has been another successful export product, as previously posted on the subject now makes an excellent format that allows appreciate the many details, such as ejection seats, strong armor, tail turret, the main landing gear with dual wheels and 8 hard points under the wings and the quaint wineries pumps installed inside, plus the two large auxiliary fuel tank under the fuselage were of unidentified Russian author and supplied by a friend, come up with


Other cutaway Ilyushin Il-102


Cutaway Northrop N-102 Fang modified by Motocar


Cutaway Heinkel He-178, First jet in the world, its simple design flew before the start of the Second World War, however, was rejected in favor of a more competent plane the He-280 twin engine, which in turn was defeated by the Messerschmitt Me-262 had the honor of being the first jet fighter to enter operational service in combat and then in the world. Author Motocar


Cutaway Sky Technology Aircar, concept of roadable aerocar by mr. eng. Kenneth Wernicke

Cutaway Miles M-52 First concept of supersonic aircraft, designed by Miles signed to the British government, soon it was canceled when only it had built a mock-up scale of it and the cabin itself, this in turn would function as escape pod, very promising performance were estimated with a maximum speed of over Mach 1, was canceled before it could be completed, and touched by the author WEAL and retouched Motocar

Cutaway Qaher F-313, Draft stealth fighter Iranian, although there have been many speculations and ridicule on it, after the official presentation by the miliatar aviation Iranian there was much speculation and jokes about this game, really little or nothing is known about it and it is widely accepted that what was shown a model of the project, data basing on the little known running time you do this purely speculative schematic cut above the general arrangement of the best known components of the author Motocar.



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North American "Super Texan" Cutaway, a proposal to update the reliable and beloved T-6 "Texan" with a transparent cover and continuing lowest one-piece windshield visibility into three sections, drift extension with a fin continues to the rear, tricycle landing gear, engine modifications with air intake for the oil cooler under the engine, which now has a new ring with lower air intake and exhaust positioned on both sides of it, more range thanks to the installation of fuel tanks at the wingtips of planes, taken from a Cessna 310, a plane generally looks more attractive. This version was developed by THE Bacon Corp. of Santa Monica. U.S. Copyright Aviagraphica and modified by Motocar to recreate this unique version of "Super Texan", has an excellent full detail format, I wanted to thank for kindly Jian10 cutting up original schematic allowed me to develop this modest work , there are still several versions pending on the same plane


Schematic Court XF8 Vought Crusader III, the proposed single-engined fighter with a stunning performance, cutaway speculative based on the F-8 but with the J-75 engine and tweaks to recreate this advanced game, author Aviagraphica and modified byMotocar


The Mig 25 based business jet has a real TSR2 feel to it.

Excellent drawings.

Cutaway North American F-100 BI Ultra Sabre, Only built as mockup is the direct predecessor of the F-107 with their decision dorsal air, was a proposal to improve the performance of the F-100 Super Sabre, with its new air intake under the fuselage, with driving waves shock, this would allow increased speed to Mach 1.6, the drift was small as seen in the first prototpos and pre-series aircraft YF-100 and F-100A, this is a free interpretation of that project had a beautiful picture, there is only a picture of your layout to use for this drawing, and modified by author Aviagraphica Motocar to recreate that proposed hunting

Cutaway HESA Shafaq Iranian game project "Stealth" in collaboration with Russian and built only as demo version on their training firms, sign a prominent feature was his "Circular Wing", would be powered by a Russian RD-33 engine, mounted in the same MiG-29, Russian ejection seats with three multifunction displays, their progress was halted by the sanctions imposed on Iran for uranium enrichment and nuclear development, there were two versions of a coach and a single-seat fighter, this is a free interpretation of that project, author Motocar

Cutaway HESA Shafaq Fighter version single-seater with cockpit cover full vision, swept wings and air intakes of supersonic profile, is to emphasize its design "Wing Circular", would have features Stealth, in the picture it is speculated his armor in discrete containers to reduce your signature to the radar since its size no internal weapons warehouse, author of this free interpretation Motocar


Cutaway Cheranovsky Bich-17, the most advanced fighter wing design for its parabolic characteristic of the designer, the project foresaw an armament rocket cannons on its wings, powered by an M-22 engine (Jupiter built under license) stopped its construction It was late when its construction, its design is no less interesting even today with its gullwing "Parabolic" author of this speculation Motocar




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Cutaway AVIC Lijian "Sharp Sword", the Chinese Stealth Drone which I took the liberty to do a cutaway version but for a pilot and has two warehouses of weapons to laser-guided bombs or a pair of infrared guided missiles for self defense small Zhenguan TY-90-AAM, currently equips the Z10 Chinese attack helicopters, the cabin remained just ahead of an RD-33 engine with afterburner, would make a total view cover and place a frameless seat ejection Martin Baker Mk-10, widely used in almost all its products by the Chinese aviation industry, original author Mike Badrocke and modified by Motocar to recreate the schematic section of this "hypothetical" airplane Chinese stealth attack, partly inspired by the version of MiG Skat proposing a change to its stealth Drone pilot Skat, which only showed his model, while the Chinese model has already made test flights but currently unaware as follows their development and test schedule


Cutaway Novi Avion "Stealth"


Cutaway Novi Avion Stealth Two place


Cutaway Northrop P-61F


Cutaway MiG-17 "Stealth" free interpretation


Cutaway prototype MiG I-360


Cutaway prototype MiG SM-12 PMU


Cutaway MiG-29 "Stealth" free interpretation


Cutaway Messerschmitt Bf-209V6


Cutaway MiG-23K, free interpretation


Cutaway Mig-17SN Free interpretation


Cutaway XIAn H-6K, free interpretation


Cutaway Lavochkin La-190, free interpretation


Cutaway Grumman FT-9 "Cougar", author Aviagraphica and modified by Motocar to two place vertion


Cool stuff. I particularly like the P-61F. Is the included fictional profile by Logan Hartke for reference and inspiration?
Cutaway DINFIA IA-50 "Guarani II" free interpretation

Success and "Happy. New Year" for all, Motocar


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Hello Motocar,

you've noticed, that I've changed the way your picture is attached to your post.
Principally, it's up to the poster how to do it, of course, but by adding your work
as attachement (via the button "Attach/search") the full preview can be seen with
scrolling and the site may build up faster for those members, who are using a slow
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