MiG-29 Combat Employment Manual in Russian and English

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27 December 2005
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I've found a beautifully made Word document of the Combat Employment manual in Russian.

I've translated it to English via machine translation and the result is amazingly good. It needs a lot of minor corrections, but is pretty useable as is.

I can post the whole thing as is, for people to look over. I am going to go through and tidy it up, but it will take a while.

Can anyone think of a way to work collaboratively on this? I'm thinking I could set up a forum and post pages in the forum in both russian and english, then people could post corrections or revisions by replying to that post.

Ideas welcome!
Re: MiG-29 Combat Empoyment Manual in Russian and English

I think we can get the translation you do yesterday and search the concepts mistranslated as much as the components names (RLPK-29, "Dogon mode", OEPrNK-29E, etc), and use the "replace by" function of word by the russian terms on cirrylic...so we get the most accurate translation on terms in the easier way :)...

I can collaborate on this, but from next week!, exams hurts your time :(
I was wondering if there was any update on the English translations of this manual?

I've got the Mig-29 flight manual in Russian, including military use, piloting and aerodynamics;

It seems that the link above has expired, is it possible that someone could supply an available link of English version?

Really appreciate! :)
I am big fan of flight simulator.
I wanna get the manual in english, but the link is not available. :'(

really appreciate!

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