McDonnell Douglas DRL-160,DRL-231 and DPD-235 spacestations


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26 May 2006
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thank you, really nice to have some details about this design!
A similar contract study was assigned to North American Rockwell.

Kind regards
Thank you Ender,

and can we consider those designs as McDonnell Douglas Model-160,
Model-231 and Model-235 ?.
hesham said:
Thank you Ender,

and can we consider those designs as McDonnell Douglas Model-160,
Model-231 and Model-235 ?.

I shouldn't think so, since Model 160 was a software designated the "Automatic Programming Tool (APT)". There is no reason, therefore, that the other two numbers would match model numbers either.
blackstar said:
This is the second time you've picked up a thread that hasn't been posted to for a couple of years. I suggest that if you're going to do that, you should provide substantial new data to restart the discussion. Everybody else has forgotten about this stuff.

We have had some great new data on McDonnell aircraft recently, and I'm simply updating the related threads with whatever new information can be added. Initially there was a post from me here saying that hesham's theory was a possibility. Since no-one else had replied since, I deleted that and replaced it with the post above saying that it probably was wrong and why. Since both forum members AND Google users can find this data from typing a few keywords, I may as well update or correct whatever is there if it's wrong or incomplete.

And what do you care that it is a two-year-old topic, anyway? The fact that YOU don't remember it doesn't mean no-one else does... Instead of telling me what I should or shouldn't do, please let the mods of this section do their jobs... If I do wrong, they'll let me know anyway!!
You seem to miss out the point completely. The forum is not just a chatroom where you come and discuss things. To many people it is an online reference, if not THE online reference about a vast array of rare prototypes and unbuilt projects. An interactive, ever-changing and expanding database. Sometimes you get a reply to a post months after you posted, because someone has just discovered the topic you wrote in. Sometimes you come across a thread that was started three years ago and add to it if there is new information. Sometimes a new member revives an old thread and adds an anecdote, a detail, a comment. A forum has a life of its own!

Also, you seem to think I refuse to give sources. I do not. An almost complete listing of McDonnell model numbers was recently provided by a fellow member in the designations section. This sheds new light on quite a few projects. As the moderator of the Designations section, I feel it's my duty to extend that information to other parts of the forum in the best way I can.

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