MBDA unveil Spectre eVTOL weapon capable UAV..


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31 January 2010
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SPECTRE is an electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing (eVTOL) air system capable of quickly transitioning to forward flight mode for rapid low level traversal of complex terrain. SPECTRE is optimised to around MBDA’s ‘ENFORCER’ missile for low-cost precision effects to defeat challenging targets in complex contexts. SPECTRE is also a flexible capability, able to carry a variety of mission modules. These modules can address:
• Broad range of ground targets – from asymmetric threats to armoured targets
• Electronic warfare
• Remote resupply to the front line of up to 25kg

SPECTRE is a capability suitable to support land, maritime, and air forces, as well as special operations. Operational advantages:
• Dynamic – Rapid response and hover capable
• Flexible – Change mission modules during operations. New and upgraded modules as needs evolve
• Organic – On-call precision effects to ground forces when needed most
• Survivable – Low-level fight in complex environments with robust anti-jam navigation

Technical characteristics/specifications of the Spectre:
Wingspan: 2.00m
Payload: 25kg
Cruise speed: 180km/h
Cruise altitude: < 100m
Combat range: 10+km
Endurance: 60+min

The Spectre features tilting wings configuration for VTOL/cruise, Electric power architecture, Robust anti-jam navigation, Automatic navigation and intelligent guidance, ‘Operator-Over-The-Loop’ command and control and Scalable, co-operative swarming capable.



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The grandson of Novel Air Concept work? MBDA are going to be a big part of the UK drive towards armed UAVs and weaponry in the future, and it's great to actually see some product.
Only if thy can keep their cost down. This think looks like amazingly expensive for what they claim it can do (look at the range, the speed and the payload).
Reminds me of that Ukranian rocket launcher equipped quadcopter, but platinum plated.

The mention of EW is interesting, and if they mean stand-in communications jamming I can see the potential. Going to be power and endurance limited in that role, but developing a hybrid electric drive would remediate that at the cost of payload.

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