Mauve-camouflaged JASDF fighters during seventies


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9 September 2008
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Hi all:
one of the worst problem getting older is memory. Probably I said that before but... I don't remember...
During the Seventies I saw a publication (perhaps a Japanes "AiReview" or "Koku-Fan" but could be also an European one) dealing with Japanese Self-Defense Air Force fighters with not-so-usual camouflage with some good color photographs captioned as "mauve camoufflaged" or something so. I remember that the aircraft (F-104J I think, but I cannot rule-out F-4 Phantom...) have a definite mauve or violet shade (I don't remember if overall or mottling).
I researched my archives but I never found the magazine and also Google failed to provide me any image of modern Japanese mauve fighter (only some in blue-gray livery, a definitely darker shade than that I then saw). Must I accept the fact that I have a false memory or really in the past there were some F-104 or F-4 with mainly mauve/violet camo?
Thank to all you for you help.
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